Yesterday, I went to an outlet mall to buy some clothes.
As I am a graduate student, I don't need to care about my clothes. But, in this April, I wll be a worker and it means that I have to dress professionaly. So, I went there and bought clothes cheaply.

I bought 2 pants, a long T-shirts, a casual and pretty outer wear, black heels and elegant belt. Especially, I like my new heels. Because my feet are so small, it is tough to find good heels for me. I was very happy to buy it.

I didn't buy any formal clothes. Well, I need them, of course. But, It is difficult to look for good ones because I don't know my new life style.

Anyway, I will understand what I need to buy after starting my new life!

dress rpofessionaly 社会人らしい格好をする


Kakeibo DS 2

Today, I went to the videogame shop to buy Kakeibo DS as I said yesterday.

First, I went to the previously owned videogame shop and I didn't find it... It seems to be popular.

Second, I went to the famous rental video shop, Tsutaya. And I found it!
It costs about 3500 yen. I think it's not inexpensive, but it's good for me, living on my own at first time, to practice how to check my account.

However, I realized I didin't have a card, which gave me some points when I buy something!! It's very important to save my points, especially for the poor student.


I will buy it tomorrow!!


Kakeibo DS

I would like to buy a new gamesoft which I can hundle my household accounts because I will start single life soon.

I don’ know this soft is good or not. But, it's all right, for I will buy it at second hand. Though I have to pay some money, I will be I have to pay some money, I will be able to learn how to check my accounts so that it is very worthful item, I think.

Tomorroy, I want to look for it and if I can find any inexpensive one, I will buy it!!

家計簿をつけるhandle one's household accounts
中古でat second hand


My determination

My new year's resolution was keeping practice, not saying "I am tired," and always feeling positive.

And now I would like to add new resolution that is going to bed and getting up early.

A few days ago, I was late for my university. Though, fortunately, it was not duty to go there on time and I hadn't able to sleep because of heavy stomachache, I became to be worried with thinking about my new life.

Now, I live with my family and my mother gets up very early so that she helps me to get up if I have to wake up early. But, starting to work and living alone, I have to do everything alone. I think I am easy in my mind.

Of cource, I am rarely late at the important day, but I think it's not enough. So, I decided to make my brain for new life style!


Uva tea

I like tea.

When I went to the English conversation school, my taecher was British. Because I thought British like tea and they have it every day, I asked him which tea he liked. And he said that he didn't have tea so much. I thought England was the nation of tea....

Anyway, I love tea and I often go to the tea shop. There is my favorite tea shop which you can buy tasty tea leaves at a low price. I bought Darjeeling, Dimbula, Nilgili, Assam, Uva, Keemun there. I haven't tried most of these before I had found this shop.

In this season, as for me, the most favorite tea is milk tea. When I asked the shopmaster, he recommended me to try Uva tea. In this shop, you can try some tea, so I tried Uva tea. It was delicious and now I always have Uva tea!

I like the time to learn English with tea. It is precious time!


Travel to somewhere

Now, I am trying to make a plan for travel to Kinugawa spring with my friends.

They are my high-school friends and most of them will graduate this March. Interestingly, the half of members became graduate students, including me. How dilligent we are! :P

The total members are 12 and 5 will go to the spring. I think it is great because they are so busy. I would like to have a good time with them!



Last year, I went to several instrumental concerts. This was rare experiment for me because I didn't like classic concerts.

At the first concert of the year, which my old friend played violin as a member of quartet, I had been very serious to see players. before that, I think I didn't seen them so seriously and only listened melody. But, in this time, because she is my friend, I wanted to see her. And I realized how fantastic players were. Their technique wasn't simple and I felt their feeling into music. It was so good time.

At the second time, I went to the Christmas concert of Makoto Ozone, who is the great jazz pianist in Japan and he can play not only jazz music but also classic music. I love his music so much and had wanted to go to his concerts once! His play was so wonderful and he told us about his music so that I could understand the music. And he also did an improvisation! This was also great. So, it was presure time for me.

Enjoying these two concerts, I would like to know much more about classic and jazz. I always love jazz but I realized that there are many things that I haven't knew yet. And also classic! I learned classic music field was very wide and deep.

This year, I would like to know about music more and more. This will be a good experience for me and I have a good time to be relax and move forward even if I would have bad thing.

do an inprovisation 即興で演じる



Do you know monja-yaki?

I went to Tsukishima where it is famous for monja. The monja restaurants seem to be 90% of all of shops and reataurants there. Many tourist come there to eat monja-yaki.

Monja-yaki is Japanese pan fried flour with various ingredients. It's popular in Kanto region in Japan. Okonomi-yaki and tako-yaki were created from it. (I didn't know monja is the original of these two famous Japanese food!) You use strange spatula when eating. It is good to eat because monja includes much water with flour so that this spatula helps us to scoop up soft crust(?).

Many people look it at first time says it is gross because of its looking. But, soon after eating it, they change their mind because of its taste. One of them was my mother. She said Okonomiyaki was better than monja because monja was sticky. But after eating it, she said she loved it very much and it was so delicious. So, if you have tried it and you think it's gross, I reccommend you to try it! You must think it is so tasty food!

And one of the most interesting of monja-yaki is how to cook it. It is difficult for me to explain about it. So look at this page!

scoop up すくう


wisdom teeth

I removed my wisdom teeth at the lower left.
It was first time to pull out the wisdom teeth so that I was so worried about pain and swelling.

But, fortunately, my dentist, who was introduced by my orthodontist, was so good that I didn't feel any pain and fear on the time he pulled out my teeth.

Of course, I have to take a pain killer for a few days but it became better soon. And my swollen jaw recovered rapidly, too.

I need pulling my right wisdom teeth after several weeks and it seems to be more difficult than the left one. I hope I will recover soon again!

orthodontist 矯正の先生
pain killer 痛み止め



I always hear the news of NOVA, the biggest English conversation school in Japan.
This company had the problem which it couldn't pay salaries for company staff members and foreign teachers. And it suddenly closed all the schools so that many students can't go to the school. Most students pay much money before the lessons (they bought so-called tickets). In one of the news, some housewife (she and her two children go there) can't go back 2 million yen! How awful!

When I looked for the English conversation school, I went to NOVA for research because the cost is really low. But, fortunately, I decided to go other school, for I thought this school is best for studying English in more detail.

However, I realized there are so many good English learner in NOVA after writing my blog. Many blogger who practice English went to NOVA and all of them are so diligent and have high motivation. So, I feel resentment at the NOVA staffs and want them to find the solution. I strongly want them to give back student's money.


driver's license!!!

I got my driver's license!!

During a month, I was focused on getting it, so I didn't practice English so hard. Because I don't have good memory if I study for a short time, I have to study again and again to pass the theory test.

You know, you have to pass four tests to get the driver's license in Japan. Two of them are technical test for driving skill and the others are theory test and you have to get over 90 percentages. In my school, I had to pass the first technical test, then the first theory test and after that I could drive a car in a public road. After brushing driver's skill up, I got the chance to try the last technical test. And passing the test, I graduated the driving school and went to take the 2nd theory test.

In the 2nd theory test, there are 95 question. All of them are correct/incorrect question. The last 5 question with the illustration asked the three manner. If I couldn't answer all three correctly, I couldn't get any points.

The difficulty of this test is that it ask about not only normal cars but also motor bicycles and the other cars. As for me, I wanted to get the automatic car license but I have to know about manual cars. (I think it is same in the other countries...)

Anyway, I passed the test and I got the driver's license now! Nowadays, it is strict about privacy so that I got the card with an IC tip. Hmm, isit useful for our life???


Beckoning cat

Do you know beckoning cat?
It is a popular cat in Japan.
Beckoning cat is a white cat and it is standing and beckoning.

Yes, it is a doll of cat.

One of my classmates in my English conversation class who quited to come this school today gave me it. He told us about the story why the beckoning cat was born.

It was born hundreds years ago in the Edo period. One day, the second highest person on the edo government walked in front of the temple, Kotoku-ji and saw a white cat beckoning (he thought). He thought it was strange but it may that the god told him to come into the temple so that he came there. Suddenly, thunderbolt fell exactly the same place he had been there.
Thanks of the cat (maybe the god), he could be alive! Since then, this temple had been more popular than before and because so many people came there, the priests created the beckoning cat and sold them.

And now, we can see the beckoning cat everywhere!!

But we can get the original one only in Kotoku-ji.

Because he bought it there, I will become more happier! I thank him very much!


new job party

Most Japanese company hold a party for their new recruits.
Because I will work at a company, today I went to the party. It means I could meet the other new recruits at first time.

After taking TOEIC test (most of the company in Japan let new recruits take it,) we attended a party and talk with them and other company members. It was precious time for me because I noticed they are nice people! But, I wanted more contact with many members, for we, girls, gathered and talk all time (I think it is natural that girls gather with girls and boys gather with boys, at least in Japan. And I don't think it's not good but it's difficult to break it. )
Anyway, I want to talk and know about many more members.

new recruit 新入社員


Please don't mess up the road

We sometimes felt bad because someone baits cat food on the road in front of our house. Many neighbours seem to suffer from it.

I love cat so that I sometimes give them food, but I don't like to bait on the public road because it mess up the road and many people who walk there felt bad. And I am worried that someone who dislike this action kill the cat...... or hearlthcare center officer kill them because they are worried about the cat-borne desease. I don't want such a future.....

So, our family took the action.

At first, my mother wrote on the paper "Please don't put cat food on the road!,"
and hang on the wall. Next day, we found next to the letter, "or I put poison next time" by pen. How horrible.... butI think my mother's comment is also so strong that someone got angry. And to matters worse, someone call the police station and said that there were horrible signage at the wall of my house. So, my parents had to explain it. The policeman just laughed at but said he couldn't do anything. And then, my mother created same poster and put it on the wall. But, next day, same graffiti was here.... and again and again.... My mother doesn't like do like that (she like animals so much!!) so she was very nervous now.

Now, I considered the best way to stop this horrible trouble. I think it is good poster which ask for understanding and says very politely. Anyway, I want to get along with people and cats.

bait 餌をまく



Yesterday, old friend of mine was coming my home.
She is a violinist and now goes to a graduate school of music.

The reason why she came here is that she had a concert in Tokyo.
It was the second time that I listened her play and the first listening was about 15 years ago so I really glad to listen her play.

Actually, I didn't understand how her play was great because I don't know much about classic nor any other music. But, I really enjoyed it!
I realized playing instruments has two meaning during her play ; 1) to achieve the level for the musician and 2) to make listeners be satisfied with their music. I thought it was difficult to do such a thing. But, she and her company did it. I want to be such a people who can concider about theirseves, and at that time, about the other people.

I also learned how wonderful going concert was. I want to go to the concert if I have a chance. And I wanna learn much more knowledge of classic for listening their play with much more understanding. Fortunately, my friend promised me that she would give me some CD of classic and jazz. So, I can learn one by one. And in the future, I will earn my money and go to concerts!!
I can't wait:)


typhoon 2

Well, I did it!

I went and drove in strong wind and rain! While I move from school building to the car (I think I move for about 15m), I was soaked to the bone. It was tough to close my umbrella. And I couldn't see the front sight when the teacher drove a car (fortunately, I could see it when I drove it).

Our car didn't fell down!

be soaked to the bone ずぶ濡れになる



The typhoon is coming. You know, typhoon has strong wind and rain and the front edge of it is the place which has the strongest wind. So, in this typhoon's case, it will reach late at night but we have to worry about it before reaching it.

As for me, I have the lesson of driving school at night. I intended to try night driving before I drive on the public road. But, now..... it may be a nightmare....

I drive a car but I can't drive straightly because the wind blow from right side of me. And I can't see anywhere because of strong wind. And to make matters worse, suddenly strong wind blew and my car fell down!!!

It perhaps......... go on.

front edge 先端


Driving school

I started to go to driving school. It is very fun!

Before driving a car, I think I don't use a car without any needs. But, once I drove a car, I thought it was fantastic that we could move such a big machine so easily.
After getting a driver's licence, I will go everywhere with my own small car. I am looking forward to buy it. It will be definitely pretty and it will be very comfortable place inside it.

Now, I can go around curve. And today, I learn turning to the right and left. I don't think I mastered it, but it is also fun. I hope I will get used to it soon.

go around curve カーブを曲がる
turn to the right and left 右折、左折する
get used to it それに慣れる


BBQ party

I went to a beer garden with my family.
At that place, we could eat meat, pork, lamb chop, vegetables and yakisoba as much as we like.
All people there seemed to be happy with eating outside.
Though we have to eat within 2 hours, we were full. We enjoy not only food but also nature and cool breeze.

In Japan, it is rare to eat outside, especially in Tokyo.
Because there are too small to have a BBQ party, we can't enjoy eating outside.
So, such a place are wonderful!!

It is located in the Shinjyuku Gaien so that we felt we were in the forest although we were in the big city! It is fantastic, isn't it?

Well, the price is about 4000 yen which isn't inexpensive, but if you are interested in it, how about going there and eating delicious foods?

I show you the information below.

lamb chop ラム肉



Oh, I hadn't write this blog for a long time!
Actually, my own computer was broken and because I don't afford to buy a new one, what I can do is using the computer at the lab or Internet KISSAs (cafeteria).

By the way, yesterday, I went to the English conversation school and talked about OBON because it is OBON season now in Japan.

OBON is in the middle of August and we believe that spirits return their home in this season. So, many people return home to welcome their parents, grandparents or ancestors. It means it is also the season which all the family member are together.
But, it is not the correct mean of OBON. Do you know the correct one?

A students in our class told us about the origin of OBON.

At first, OBON is not the correct name. The correct one is URABONE. When I chenge URABONE into kanji by the computer, it is 盂蘭盆会. So, I think it is the correct name.

And then, he told us the original story.

Once upon a time, there were a man whose mother had already passed away. One day, he thought about his mother. He was worried about her because his mother might be in the hell and she struggled there. So, He asked Buddha how he should do. And Buddha replied he should gather many priests and pray for her. After that, he did so. And her mother could go to the heaven.

It is so different from today's mean of OBON that I was so surprised.

By the way, my British teacher said why the spirits come on horses or cows.
Do you know the reason??

Buddha ブッダ


Improper speech

Recently, many politicians did bad speech and almost all cause of them is inappropriate comment. Are politicians must concerned about nation? I am always angry hearing their comment.

One politician said about his improper speech, "I am so sad many people got the wrong idea. And the media officer who broadcast the part of my comment will get paid back for it!"

.......What!? We were wrong??? How was your responsibility!??

Of course, many complained it. Many people were angry his attitude. Finally, he decided quited his job.

But, he said, "I quited my job for next election. I don't want to bring trouble to Democratic Liberal Party members. People have a wrong idea. That's too bad."

Is that all what he have to say??
He had never apologized in front of the mass media. Whether his comment was imappropriate or not, he should apologize for some people who were broken their heart for his comment. (I thought we didn't have wrong idea after listening his comment.) Or (I don't think it isn't a good idea but) he should do sensible way of doing.

I am very worried about future Japanese politics.....

And I decided again that I will be a person who can apologize right out.
The Japanese proverb says "HITO NO FURI MITE WAGAHURI NAOSE (You can better yourself by observing others)."

improper speech , inappropriate comment 失言
get the wrong idea 勘違いする
get paid back for 行動の報いを受ける
bring trouble to ~に迷惑を掛ける
sensible way of doing 賢いやり方


The mean of black

I went to my English conversation school today.
At the start of the lesson, we discussed about the mean of color.

For example, the color of wedding dress is white. That is same asmany countries. And black is not good color forhappy thing like wedding so that we don't like only black clothes at this kind of situation. Why?

I thought and said this is because black is the color of night. In the old times which there weren't bright lights, they were afraid of night because of its mystery. They thought night implies death or evil things. So, they, living in all over the world, didn't think black is good color.

What do you think?

Anyway, it is very interesiting mystery that many countries have same culture.

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Decide my job

I decided my job.

It is reserach job. Of cource, now I study chemstry so that it is happy occasion for me.


I do want another job because it seems to be more suite for my character. So, I wonder whether job is good for my future.

There are many points to decide our future job. Money, challenge, social thing, character, companies' scale, future vision and so on. I felt it was too difficult for any person to find out what is good job or company.

At that time, the decisive factor of my choice is that comment of a certain person.

"We search for people with passion like you."

It was when I went to factory tour after I was made an offer. I debate whether to go this company or the other companies (At that time, I got three offers). The manager of human affairs said to me, "so that I am happy if you come here."

The reason he said that is that I honestly spoke him about my preferred job. He said because this lind of job which I want to be is the important ones in the company, he was happy to hear my desire. And also he said that I need one or two year- research experiment to get this job.

Before I talked with him, I was really worried about my future. To tell the truth, I got another offer for this kind of job. So, I have another choice. However, I felt the company I went to factory tour was much more attractive than the other companies. So, after talking, I felt certain that this company was suit for me!!

Furthermore, after going home and sending a thank you message about the interview for him, he replied soon. And he wrote "I won't forget what you say. If you want to become this job after 1 or 2-year reseach experiment, please come forward . I won't forget your word and I will help your dream coming true."

His word gave me courage and I moved.

I know it is the all parts of the company. There is a possibility that after entering this company, most kind people during the interview change their attitude. But, I believe his words are real and I can get the opportunity to challenge the job which I want to be. That's fantastic!

So, I decided this company.

Job hunting gives me a lot of things. Mostly, it is important to have a courage and act everything as we can. As for me, it was change my life that I had a courage and ask him about my desire.

challenge やりがい
social thing 人付き合い
decisive factor 決め手
with passion 情熱を持った
be made an offer 内定をもらう
come forward 立候補する


the 1st work

I taught some students on last Saturday!
I tanght three students and I will teach one student of them every Saturday.

The other stundents just asked some question about mathmatics.
At first, I was so nervous because I had never done a tutor at a plum school before.
But, once the student understood my explanation, I was proud of my explanation skill little by little. You know, I am simple...

After finishing teaching, a teacher who is professional to teach and many teachers rely him, asked me "Have you teach something before? I was surprised because your teaching is very well."
I was so happy to hear that! Actually, I taught some stundents as a teaching assistant, and a home teacher. And in using internet, I realized that I can teach students!!

To tell the truth, though I did my best, I did some mistakes. But, I want not to forget his word and try teaching more and more!!

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the 1st day

It is my 1st day of part-time working at the new office.
I am really worried if I can teach students smoothly or not.

But, I will do my best!


Night at the museum

I watched the movie, "night at the museum (it named night museum in Japan)."
It was wonderful! It is the movie that I didn't think I was boring or it was strange.
Yeah, it was good movie.

I recommend you especially if you are interested in human history.
In the museum, there are many characters not only related with USA but also other countries.
There are many famous actors in the movie.
You know, Ben Stiller and Robin Williams are very famous.
Also, I sometimes see Carla Gugino (I like "Spy Kids" very much!!) and Owen Wilson.

And,Dick Van Dyke!!!!

He acted as Bert in the movie "Mary Poppins"!!! When I was a child, I loved him very very much!!!
He is now like a gentle old man!

The most interesting thing is the end of the movie.
I think same thing was happened in the reality because of this movie!! I was so surprised.

So, if you are little bit interested in the movie, check it!!


the fear of measles

About 10 days ago, some student in my university had measles.
We took the mail from a proffessor which alarm us about measles.
It said it is like a cold and if we had over 37.5 degree fever, we should go to see the doctor.

Yesterday, I had a fever. It wasn't high temperature and I thought it was because of headache.
But, some professors are natural worrier.
I mean there are big possibility that they blame me because I wasn't worried about the other students. (Many scientists are natural worriers, I think :P)

So, I went to the hospital today.
And the result was fine.
Plus, I got a rest (because, anyway, I had a fever.)!!
What a wonderful day!!!

measles はしか
natural worrier 心配性

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good and bad

Recently, I had to decide which is so important.

That is my transfer!!
In strictly speaking, it's not the transfer but I need to decide the place I research.
This is because my teacher went to the other prefecture.
He was promoted and move to the different university.
So, the best choice for me is going the university with my teacher.

But, unfortunately, I have no money to go.
Because I have a little brother who go to a private university and study about rchitecture, we don't afford to use big money.

At first, I found my parttime job as soon as possible and think making a lot of money. I thought it was enough to live and research that sums my earining and parents' support.
However, I couldn't persuade my father into help me.
He said he can't give money because I couldn't say I definetly return a certain day (in the condition, we had to decide a new plan so that we couldn't say which day is good to return).

To tell the truth, I want to go.... But, I decided to think it positively!!
I don't need to make big money anymore and now I have a parttime job!!
Well, I will earn a lot of money and use for the last days of university and for the future (I mean it is when I live alone)!!

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Oosaka vol.4 ~KAIYUKAN~

The last day, I met with my old friend.
She and I have been friends since we were preschool students.

Now, she lives in Kyoto and study low.
At first, she wanted me to come Kyoto because she is professional of Kyoto.
But, unfortunately, my father was traveling Kyoto on that day and I didn't want to meet him because he is luck-pusher and I didn't imagine what he would do if we met.

After meeting, she took me to go to the OKONOMIYAKI restaurant.
She wanted me to eat delicious food in Osaka! I thanked her very much!
Okonomiyaki was very tasty. I think okonomiyaki in Tokyo is different from Osaka ones.
Oosaka's okonomiyaki has discipined texture and tastes more strongly than Tokyo one's.
Maybe in Tokyo, okonomiyaki is similar to monjayaki.

While we ate okonomiyaki, I gave a birthday present for her.
It was a mug. Because she entered graduate school this year, I think she needs some good cup for relaxing while studying in a small research room.
She said she wanted it, too. So, my plan was successful!!

After eating Okonomiyaki, we moved to KAIYUKAN which is one of the biggest aquarium in Japan. I love Kaiyukan because of its scale and a whale shark.

In the aquarium, I rent a PDA for my English practice. I sometimes explained what the PDA said to my friend. I learned a lot of biological, geological words and phenomena.

The water tank for whale shark was very very big so that it has a few chance to see her for short distance.
Furthermore, she seemed not to like to approach people.
So, at first, we gave up to see for short distance.
Our walk space was around many tanks and whale shark's tank was so large that we have many oppotunity that we can watch the tank.
And at last oppotunity of seeing her, we finally watch her very nearly!!
She seemed to change her mind suddenly!!
We were so lucky!
She was so big and very kind shark. Around her, there were so many fish.

After we were satisfied with the aquarium, I have to leave as soon as possible because of my train.
I wanted to stay with her more longer, but we said good-bye.
I hope she came Tokyo next time! I want to sightseeing plan for her!!

preschool 幼稚園
luck-pusher お調子者
discipined しっかりとした
texture 食感

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part time job

In this year, I will have no money to do anything!!
So, I have to earn money right now even though
I have been still searching job. I will become a student worker.

Soon after I knew my situation, I took the action so quickly
that I could find my job soon.

That is web tutor.
I will teach someone with using internet.
Is it interesting, isn't it??

I was fascinated by this system.
I think I can learn not only teaching but also web communication.

In the future, we will have much oppotunity to
have a comunication using web.
So, it is kind a practice for job.

Today, I heard the explanation of the job
and tomorrow I will learn how to use the computer.
I mean, I have to learn how to use web pen and many tools.
Also, I must understand webcam and microphone system.

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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Osaka vol.3 ~Kobe~

On the 3rd day, I went to Kobe!!

After finishing my presentation,
I searched the presentation schedule to find ones I wanted to see.

But, I couldn't find any one. I had already saw them.

So, I decided to go to other places!
Just sightseeing!!

After going back to the hotel, I looked a map and decided to go to Kobe.
The reasons are 1) there seem to be many kind of delicious food and
2)I haven't gone further west than Osaka before.

When I reached Kobe, I had no plan.
So, at first, I have to decide what I should do.
I walked toward the town map and suddenly decided to go to the sea!
Before reaching the sea, I thought I would see a lot of sightseeing place,
so I decided to sheer my way.
I ate tasty casual French at lunch, saw old buildings and visited
a lamp museum at which there are many beatiful old lamps.

When I reached the sea, it was rain so that there are no people.
I was so happy to have the ocean view for my own!!
And then, I went to a big shopping mall.
After taking a rest there for a while,
I returned to the station where I started to walk.

And at last, I bought a mug for a present of my friend who lives in Kyoto.

I walked for long long distance! So, I was so satisfied with the day!

Next time, I would like to talk about the last day in Osaka!

sheer one's way 曲がりくねりながら進む
for one's own 独り占めして

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Osaka vol.2 ~IKAYAKI~

Today, I would like to talk about foods in Osaka.
It is said that Osaka is KUIDAORE city
which means you definetely fall down
because you will want to eat too much.
There are many delicious food!

For example, OKONOMIYAKI is one of the favorite food in Osaka.
Of cource, I ate it. It was so delicious!

And TAKOYAKI. I ate it after making my presentation.
It was a present for me!! It was so tasty!!!

In Tokyo, there are many okonomiyaki or takoyaki shop,
but I don't think they are deferent from Osaka's foods.
I don't know why.....
Well, as for me, I like Osaka foods better than Tokyo ones.

In this time, the most surprising and amazing food is IKAYAKI.
At first, I didn't know what ikayaki was.
When I joined a drinking party, some of members said ikayaki was so good.
I was interested in it and asked them how ikayaki like.
Their answer was "it's like crape"
"A crape with a squid????"
I couldn't imagine. But, they said
"It was soooooo delicious!! I wanna eat one more time!"

So, I decided to try it!!
Ikayaki was, well like crape!!
Inside a kind of crape dough, there are squid arm.
And after roasting, it was put some sauce and chili pepper on.
If you can't imagine, look this page
This Ikayaki is richer than I tell you, but has same appearance.

The price of Ikayaki I ate was 100 yen!!
It was too cheap!! And delicious!!

I thought Osaka was so wonderful food city!!

crape クレープ
dough  生地

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Osaka vol.1 ~about my presentation~

I would like to write about the day I went to Osaka.

I went there for science conference.
This is the second time to attend that kind of conference for me, but I am little nervous, for it's the first time I made a presentation (in previous time, I did poster presentation). To matters worse, because I had been busy for job hunting, I hadn't finished my presentation yet when I reached Osaka!!

Solving this problem, I experinced which I hadn't had before.

That is "internet cafe."

You know, in Japan, the internet cafes have increased recent years. It is good for relaxing and staying. Some of them have a lot of comic books, free drink services, some free shower rooms and a nail salon. (In fact, I didn't use them except drink services) That was amazing!!

I could use microsoft powerpoint in the cafe so that I finally finish my presentation slide and make the draft. Iwas to do my presentation next day...

And the presentation day...

I had to borrow a PC for powerpoint from stuff of my research group. It was easy to get a PC so that I was so relieved. But..... My destiny didn't smile for me...

There wasn't connecter between a PC and projector!!!!

The time I was realized was almost an hours before my presentation!! I had to find a connecter!! So, I ran and ran and ran... asked and asked and asked.....
Finally, 20 minutes before my presentation, I found it..... The stuff of myresearch group had it... He forgot to give it to me and thought it was all right to tell me right before the presentation...

What a pity student I am.......

And then, my presentaion finished without any failure. I think this happening made me relaxed... You know, all's well that ends well!!

Well, next, I would like to tell you about Osaka foods!

make a presentation プレゼンする
draft  原稿
All's well that ends well 終わりよければ全てよし

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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Got the job

I got an official job offer!! 

Strictly speaking, in Japan, there's a rule that companies haven't to give offers till October
so that I got a pre-job offer.

I am so satisfied with the condition of this company.
It is one of the top global manufacturer and wage is good.
But, to tell the truth, I am little bit worried.
The reason is that I will do unexpected job.

In the 1st interview, a personnel officer said I could do management of business.
And the last interview, the director asked me if I was interested in public information seaction or not.
I replied I was interested in all kind of business.

It is truth. I hope trying everything.

However, if I have to do some job which isn't related with my study in reality,
I don't know whether I can adjust myself or not.

Finding job is very difficult for life....

Well, anyway, I am still searchng my job.
It is good for experiencing society.

get an officiak job offer 内定をもらう
manufacturer メーカー
チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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I go to Osaka tomorrow.
It is for my presentation at scientific meeting.
I love travel. I will enjoy there!

Well, I will go back home on Wednesday.
So, everyone, take care!!


Makoto Ozone is fantastic!

Do you know Makoto Ozone?
He is a jazz pianist.
He is also a classic pianist.
He is one of the most famous pianist in Japan (perhaps, in the world)
His play is sometimes very strong and exciting, but the other time, very beautiful and kind.
I love his music so that I listen to Makoto Ozone's radio program.
His talk is also fantastic! He is smart and like a comedian (I think he is smart so that he can be comedian).

I watch the TV program about Makoto Ozone.
It's about his history and his try.

He is amazing because he tries mixing jazz and classic. Most musicians can't do that but he can.
And on that show, he tried to play tango with an accordionist. He study about the rhythm of tango very hard and finally play perfect music!!

I hope I will be person like him who is interested in everything in the world, and have a will to finish his try and believe himself.

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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Long time

I couldn't write this diary for a while. The reason is hay fever.
Oh, how awful hay fever is!!!

By the way, I took the job interview that is group discussion style.
It is my first time to take it, but I did my best (I think...).
The keyword of this discussion is "female high school students" and "cafe."
And we talked about what is good for them.
It is vague isn't it?

Well, anyway, I played as a leader.
I don't think I could get our idea distinctly, but I enjoyed it.
I think all of the other members were same.

So, it is all right!


move quickly!

Now, I am doing my experiment.
And took the exam for job select step.
And will write an entry sheet which is the paper we write what I am, how I want to work at the company etc etc....

Wow, when can I leave here?? ショック

Or it is the chance to get the ability to manage my time.
I try to finish my experiment early with effinient time management わかった!

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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I'm loven' it!

Well, I went to the expanation meeting.
It is what you call foreign company so that the atmosphere is not same as Japanese.
The good point is it is more active than Japanese ones (in the same business field).
But I am liitle worried because it has not as much rule as Japanese (I mean it is free but I think workers sometimes will be confused)
Anyway, if I had a chance, I would like to work there.


チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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presentation meeting for a certain company

I will go to a presentation meeting.

I always love the company after meeting.
All of them have their fantastic points.
So, sometimes I wonder what I want to work.

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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hunting job item

One of the most important item for hunting job is, needless to say, a datebook.

I am using big one so that I can easily write a lot of things.

Time, place, how to go there, what I need to bring....

There are many I have to write.

It is very interesting!

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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lovely busy days

****I havn't had enough time to write long diaries now so that I would like to wrote short story....
After finding job, I will write usual diaries!

I went to a preseantation meeting (for job hunting).

And then I went back home and change out of my recruitment suits.

After that, I rode on a train to my university and now I wrote it.

I will go to see the rollout of seniors' investigation.

And I will go to a pub for joining a farewell party.

What a fulfilling day!!

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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The Da Vinci code

Recently, I didn't hace relax time so that I decided to see the movie and feel easy.
The title which I saw was "The Da Vinci code," a famous mystery movie.

I many people saw it. Did you watch it? How did you feel?
Most people didn't say it was a good movie. They said the original was better than the movie. They said it because some story wasn't same as the original. I see. I\

But, as for me, it is so interesting!! I mean that the movie is better than original!
The reason is that the story of the movie is consistent. When I read the book, I sometimes thought it was strange. For example, in the bank, the hero was a great code-breaker but he didn't realize very simple trick which was about ten digit passward. He always concidered many characters, figure, words, and histry so that he must remember the number he knew at night. In the one hand, in the books, it was too much time to solve it. On the other hand, in the movie, the hero realized it very quickly. Hmm, it was more natural.

Also, the background of characters were more explicable. For instance, in the book, the captain wasn't connected with that intrigue. But, he chaced the hero with persistence. So, we didn't understand his feeling.
In the movie, the captain was related with the organization which planed the intrigue. Of cource, he didn't know the plan. The big man of the organization told him that the hero was murderer. And then, he thought the hero was dominent crime suspect. So, you can understand what he was thinking.

I think reality is one of the most important points of movie. If the original has some contradiction, it is great to change the contents a little bit.

In most cases, the movies are worser than the original because the movie makers need to cut back the story to finish it within two or three hours. So, I think the Da Vinci code is rare good movie.

consistent 矛盾しない
explicable 説明可能な



Do you know Bitsuu, one of the acupressure points?

Pressing acupressure points, you are relieved from a stuffy nose.

Yesterday, I caught a cold again. Unfortunately, I had to take a job interview. I almost went down. And last night, I was about to die, for I couldn't bleeze because I had a stuffy nose and heavy cough. I didn't have time for breath.

So, I decided to find the way which release me from stuffy nose. (As for cough, I bought throat lozenge) And I found the Bitsuu. If you want to know the detail, see http://www.tubodojo.com/tubo/hana.htm

Now, I am more relaxed than before.

acupressure point ツボ
stuffy nose 鼻詰まり
throat lozenge のどあめ



many many tasks!

Recently, I have to do a lot of task. But, I decided to enjoy this situation.

One of them is, I said before, the problem inside our research group.
Today, the professor want to talk with me, so I can't do any my research. I am so disappointed now. Also, I am nervous about what we will talk.

And another my task is, of course, job hunting. I haven't take any job interview still now. So, I can't find my good point and bad point. Maybe I will be relaxed after taking my first job interview. It will take on this Thirsday. (To tell the truth, it is the best company for me so that I am too nervous. But, even if I can't get it (Oh, how terrible it is!), I wll change my mind for next interview....)

Also, I need time for my study. The machie I am using had been broken three months ago. At first, it's all right because I could concentrated in my job hunting, but the longer time I didn't do my study, the more I was worried about the rest time I can do it. So, now I am relieved.

All of tasks were about to crush me. But, I hoped to live with happy. Thus, I decided to enjoy this situation. I think if I solve all this task with satisfaction, I can proud of myself. I imagine my future and will rush headlong toward it.

the more~, the more~:~するほど~だ。
rush headlong toward:~に突き進む


Talk with friend

To talk with friend is one of the most important task for our heart, I think.
Recently, our reseach group has difficult problem. It is about our relationship.
It is about privacy so that I don't tell you detail.
As for me, it is not so important problem because I didn't realize it before, but some of our group thought it was very serious and didn't feel good.
So, the professor apologized us.

However, he said he couldn't solve it. We were so angry and some said they would tell it a comittee of our university.

I thought it was the best way to calm them down but I didn't think it was the best way because if we tell them about it, we have to put up with the survey and some seniors couldn't study even if they have to prepare for the presentation at reseach presentation day for their graduation. Thus, I decided to say my worry to the professor.

At first, he only listen my opinion. And then, he asked me that I would be in the member of solving this problem. I thought I am not suit for this rule. Whereas, I had to do if all members couldn' t solve it. It was tough.....

Finally, our condition became a little bit good. We don't think it was finished. Maybe my opinion is not good and all member may think I am wrong. (Actually, many members said I am right. I would like to thank them.)

In this case, I conferred with my mother. She thought it with me. So, I could think about it with calm mind. Also, I whined about it to my e-pal. He was so kind and said his reseach group also has problems. After reading it, my heart was light. I thought to talk with someone is great for our relaxization and find an idea!

confer with ~と話し合う
whine about ~について愚痴を言う



Rakugo is a style of Japanese perfome.
I think it is strange traditional style in the world because I don't know an entertainment which the performer just sits and acts as the characters and also the narrator except rakugo (I didn't serch in detail. If you know such kind of play in the world, tell me 耳 ).

In the live, a Rakugo-ka (a performer) sits on a zabuton (Japanese cussion) and tell us a story. It is so comical that all guests can't help laughing. On the one hand, rakugo is one of Japanese traditional play, so there are classic plays. I mean the storytellers have to memorize all of contents including the story, jestures and jokes. The perforOn the other hand, there are creative stories. In that case, the performers concider all contents.

Thus, in many cases, the rakugo performers are so smart.

Today, I watched the TV program about Shinosuke Tachikawa, who is a Rakugo-ka. He, at first, wanted to learn normal rakugo style. But, un fortunately, his master quit their association, he didn't have chance to practice and try rakugo performance. Because of such a enviroment, he created his original rakugo style. After watching it, I thought I would like to go and see his rakugo.

I think rakugo is wonderful play in Japan. I hope many people will realize rakugo is great. But, it is definitely difficult. Because one of the great points of rakugo is the rhythm of words. So, if you can't listen fast Japanese talking, you can't understand rakugo. Umm...

click the icon and support me 笑顔

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I went to Kichijyoji with my friend today.
It was so wonderful time because Kichijyoji is always different for me.
Some restaurants change different ones. Or some old buildings was rebuild to beuatidul ones. So, when I go there, I feel like it is first time I come here.

Today, I went a lot of places. I went to two restaurants, which I had never been before, new T-shirts shop, organic cosmetic store, aroma shop, tea shop (but it was closed...), karaoke, book store and big hobby shop. I am tired but I enjoyed them. If I had afford to do it, I wanted to buy some cosmetic items and cloths, but I didn't have any time and power. I would like to do it tomorrow or someday.

Especially talking with my friend was the most precious time. She is one of my junior high school and high school classmates. She is university student and also studys chemistry. Thus, we have a lot of common topics. I felt old friends are special for me. I hope we keep relationship forever.


A Happy New Year!!


The year 2007 was finally started!
How was you new year's eve and yesterday?

I cleaned all floor and waxed it in my house on the last day of the new year's eve. And I also cleaned the bathroom and wash stand. And then, I watched partway annual NHK sponsored year-end men versus women singing contest (so I don't know which won. Do you know that?).

On the moment changing the day from 2006 to 2007, I drank white wine which I bought in last summer and is the first wine I liked white one. I think it was elegant day 最高~! What do you think??

wash stand 洗面所
partway 途中まで


I'm confused

In this month, many things which I haven't gone through before. One of them is serious incident for me. This is about reseach group and it is personal problem (but not mine) so that I don't want to show you in detail, but I think I learned an important point from it.

It is that "to think about the others" is essencial for our life. If you don't care, the others might be unhappy. Even if you don't think it is not so influential thing to do something, it might cause very serious event. Even if you think your comment is not so important.....

I only heard about it, so I can't believe all of that. But, some people believe all of comment that someone said. And some people love such a rumor and want to tell the others it. That makes some other people sad.

As for me, I was confused because of rumor that wasn't true. It was story that a guy and I were involved with. To tell the truth, I don't like him because he always chased me with persistence. But, my professor decided we went together and tell every people who met him it. So, all people said "Are you together with him, aren't you?" Even people who didn't know me very well asked same thing...

After experienced it, I realized even if one said some comment with a light heart, some people may think it is very serious. Communication is very convenient and important tool. But, some words are too sharp to hurt someone. We need to be careful to get along with each other.

be involved with 付き合っている


Be careful!

You know, I caught a cold.
Now, my condition is better, but I have another problem.

That is....

There's somthing strange in my throat!!

When I drank some coffee, I felt something moved in my throat and it sounded just after drinking.
I was so surprised because this sound and sense was similar to clicking bones of finger.

And next day, I went to the hospital, the department of internal medicine and it wasn't my usual hospital because it wasn't open that day, but the doctor was too bad. At first, he acted as he didn't want any patients who go to the other hospitals. He touched my jaw and decided the cause of my strange sound was because of my jaw's bone. And then he said because I had opened my mouth so big at my usual hospital, strange sound was happened. I couldn't understand. And I said not jaw but my throat (and pointed it by my finger) was strange. Now, he realized. He was a little bit surprised at that moment, but just said "I don't know the cause" without diagnosing my throat!! Good God!! After coming back home and telling about it to my mother, she said same thing happened to her friend and her friend said he had been bad doctor.

Then, I went to big hospital. I went there several times and I felt it was good hospital. But, I realized big hospitals are inconvenient for usual utilization. It was too clouded and I couldn't be diagnose. The nurse said reservations were fulled with for 10 days. It can't be helped because big hospitals are for the patients who have heavy desease. So, I gave up.

And next day, I went to my usual hospital. Finally, I was diagnosed. My doctor said he didn't decide what the cause was but he thought it was becase of small bag in throat.
At first, I didn't understant what he was saying so that he explained with drawing picture. He said everyone has small bag in one's throat and if one put up with cough again and again or one was a trumpeter, who always blow so strongly, the small bag was suddenly filled with air and didn't compressed rapidly because it has a bulb. In many cases, after few weeks later, this bag was shrinked. But, sometimes it wasn't come back. And he also said if it was worse case and I need to recover it, I have to have an op! I don't want it! But, now my throat said something when I swallow down things and I was irritated so much!!

Anyway, he recommend me to stay for a few weeks. So, I wait till finishing year.

I hope my throat will recover soon.........

department of internal medicine 内科
utilization 利用
trumpeter トランペッター
bulb バルブ
have an op 手術を受ける


Group Disscussion

I took group discussion lesson for job hunting.
I don't know I need this practice but I have to prepare for all stuation.
How difficult job hunting is!!! ショック

At first, I watched the first discussion group (there are two group of them and I joined latter group). The members were so nurvous because they didn't have any preparation time. If I tried group discussion without preparation, I should felt same as them. 落ち込む

And second, our turn, we tried intresting question that was "which is the best for Japanese president in 2099?" The candidates are social studies teacher, the boss of party, young female president of new global company, astroboy and so on.

Is it interesting topic, isn't it? Why 2099? Why Astroboy? はぁ?

Anyway, we discussed very earnestly. Because it is the first time discussion for all members but we could manage to summrise our opinion. And then the watcer explaned what was good or bad of each members. As for me, he said I had a unique idea and could image the whole prot of discussion but I need to open my mouth more actively. He was right. I couldn't find timing to say something. It is difficult... うーん…

And do you want to know our answer??

Our answer is Astroboy ロボット !

He can do anything! He is perfect!! I haven't known he is so smart robot till the discussion!!

open one's mouth 発言する
actively 積極的に