Improper speech

Recently, many politicians did bad speech and almost all cause of them is inappropriate comment. Are politicians must concerned about nation? I am always angry hearing their comment.

One politician said about his improper speech, "I am so sad many people got the wrong idea. And the media officer who broadcast the part of my comment will get paid back for it!"

.......What!? We were wrong??? How was your responsibility!??

Of course, many complained it. Many people were angry his attitude. Finally, he decided quited his job.

But, he said, "I quited my job for next election. I don't want to bring trouble to Democratic Liberal Party members. People have a wrong idea. That's too bad."

Is that all what he have to say??
He had never apologized in front of the mass media. Whether his comment was imappropriate or not, he should apologize for some people who were broken their heart for his comment. (I thought we didn't have wrong idea after listening his comment.) Or (I don't think it isn't a good idea but) he should do sensible way of doing.

I am very worried about future Japanese politics.....

And I decided again that I will be a person who can apologize right out.
The Japanese proverb says "HITO NO FURI MITE WAGAHURI NAOSE (You can better yourself by observing others)."

improper speech , inappropriate comment 失言
get the wrong idea 勘違いする
get paid back for 行動の報いを受ける
bring trouble to ~に迷惑を掛ける
sensible way of doing 賢いやり方