Pepper Dennis

This title is the name of TV show. The heroine was a newscaster who is entusiastic for her work and she just waited for the person whom she will fall in love, but not looked for him.

The first story was about the guy who came the heroine's office to be an anchor which she wanted to become. Also, he was the guy for her who spent the night together. At first, she wanted to forget the affiar but he didin't. So, they always had a quarrel. However, they admitted each other's work and their personality bit by bit.

Whereas, there was the story about her family. She had her little sister who had married but was sparated and stayed at the heroine's apartment. They had a quarrel with each other because they had different opinion about love. Also, the sisters and their mother, who always worry about the public image, had words over their marriage.

I think the main story is simple but it is very interesting, for it is so unique as well as other kind of American drama like Ally McBeal. Furthermore, it is not only the story of the heroine but also of many people involved with the news studio at which she worked. So, this show is also a human drama.

In this time, I only watched episode1 to 4 by chance. Now, I am interested in it so that I would like to watch it again!

be enthusiastic for ~に熱心な
spend the night together 一夜を共にする
have [get] a quarrel with ~と口喧嘩する
bit by bit 少しずつ
public image 世間体
have words over ~のことで口喧嘩する
Ally McBeal アリーmy love (アリーという弁護士が主人公のドラマです。多少コメディー要素有り)


Pretty bag

My family are so interested in Nodame now.
My father likes it so much because he learns saxphone now.
Thus, he bought the comics from YAMAHA. Furthermore, he bought a CD of Nodame which collected some arts related with Nodame story.

One day, I found a catalog our dinner table. It was catalog published by YAMAHA. I read it but there were not so many good products for me. Either my mother and father thought same.
However, suddenly I found myself shouting!

”It's NODAME!!”

It was a bag that was used in the drama "NODAME cantabile."
It is a bag decorated with clavier and a small porch also decorated with clavier. In the program, the heroine, Nodame, acted by Jyuri Ueno had same bag. I thought it was so pretty when I was watching it. I don't think the bag with same design doesn't exist, but it does. The reason may be that YAMAHA is the biggest music shop and it collaborates with the program.

Anyway, my mother and father were also surprised and excited. Because they were so amused, I said to my father that I wated it as a joke.

And then, my motehr said, "That's a good idea! It is charming. How about buying it?" And my father said, "Yeah, sounds great. I like it. Well, I will buy it for you."

I just said it as a joke. Wow, how wonderful it was! How wonderful Nodame was!!! But, I must stay on my guard, for my father is capricious and he breaks our promise so many times that I thought I may not be able to get it. I decided to wait it with patience.

And yesterday..............

I got it!!!!

He seemed to order it soon after our conversation. Because I had thought it was naturally that he broke our promise, I was so surprised that I couldn't understand what happened.

I was so happy!! Thank you, father! I would like to go to my university with this bag!!

find oneself doing 思わず~する
decorated with ~柄の
clavier 鍵盤
capricious 気まぐれ stay on one's guard 油断をしてはいけない
with patience 気長に


Nodame Cantabile

The TV program, Nodame Cantabile, was started 2weeks ago.
Its orgin is popular comic in Japan and it is the story about the students in academy of music. The autor draws them with comical expressions. It is so many readers, especially workers, tend to start learning musical instruments that I heard YAMAHA ,one of the most famous musical shop in Japan, did a brisk business. Furthermore, it is so popular that certain company create a CD which the performers pretended the members of orchestra in the comic.

When I found one of my favorite cafe near my house, I realized that there were the comics. At that time, I only knew the name of the comic and that it was fun, so I tried to read it. And next moment, I became a fun!

So, in the morning of the day which the TV program was started , I said about Nodame Cantabile to my family. My brother had already known it (but just about how popular it was), however, my mother and father didn't know that. They seemed not to be intereted in it. Especially, my father seemed to say to me "How strange many Japanese adults are! Why do they read such a comics?" He tends not to admit expect the comics by Osamu Teduka, Hujio Hujiko, Mituteru Yokoyama like old comic authors. Also, my mother rarely reads comic books.

However, my notion wasn't right. After going back home, I found two comics that were volume1 and 2 of Nodame Cantabile. My mother bought them. Actually, she was intereted in it because of my talk. She had already read volume 1 and become a fun, too. Of cource, we enjoyed the TV! The casts alomost conform with characters and some CG and pieces suited for the atomosphere. We all laughed during the broadcast.

After finishing TV program, my father returened our home. He couldn't watch the TV program.


He bought tow comic books and bragged about that against me. They was volume 1 and 2 of Nodame Cantabile. He said he found a lot of comic books at YAMAHA lesson center( you know, he is learning a saxphone now and attends at YAMAHA lesson center now). He thought the comic was so great because YAMAHA, the most favorite musical shop for him now, sold it.
Oh, that mean my father didn't trust me though he trust just a store. Well, that was OK. It is good for him to live freely! >:-(

Well, it was a digression. So, I mean, my mother and father bought same comic books in a day! How simple my family was!! In the end, we all four were interested in Nodame cantabile! I felt anxiety of our simple mind........

By the way, yesterday, story 2 of the TV program was broadcasted. In this time, my father watched it with us. I asked him if he had gone home early because of the program or not. He said "Yes. I want to watch it." Additionally, before starting TV program, he was so angry because my mother was about to check the video. He said with angry voice "What are you doing!!" My mother and I strongly concidered he had to go his own room and watch his own big TV. My father is so childish......

cantabile カンタービレ
academy of music 音楽学校
do a brisk business 繁盛している
notion 考え、意見、意向
conform ぴったり合う
brag about ~を自慢する
digression 余談


thank-you present

When I was in Hokkaido this sommer, my cousins' ankle took us Asahiyama zoo and treat us Asahikawa noodle and "JINGISUKAN (broiled mutton)." Because he lives near my house, I wanted to have a thank-you party for him at my home. And yesterday, finally, I did it!

Before the party, my mother and I thought about the present. We wanted to express our thank-you feeling, but because he is swinging bachelor, a rich and free man, it was difficult.
We dicussed again and again and at last, I had an idea that tea bag set was great for him, for he went to many countries and tea bag is simple way to drink for people living alone.

After coming him, we waited for the opportunity that we gave him the tea bag set. However, before giving him, he said he gave me a present. To tell the truth, I hoped I gave him at first. But, I thought it was all right and I might give him later. And then I opened it with my mother.

And we found....

A set of rich tea.

Oh, my god! We prepared same kind of presents!!! Furthermore, his present for me was greater than ours!!!

I glimpsed my mother and pointed our prepared present.

She waggled her head. It meant we had not to present it him.....

Oh, how difficult a present is!!!!

broil 直火で焼く 網焼き
swinging bachelor 独身貴族
waggle one's head 首を振る


The other day, I wanted to clean the product that I made. What I need is putting the products in a particular kind of holder and cleaning with warm organic solvant. So, I had to use a machine that made the solvant warm. I felt easy because it is not so much complicated machine. However, an accindent happened.

The second I moved the heater machine whose switch was on, I heard the sound splutter and saw flash! I mean, it gave off sparks! The edge of the outlet's cable was burnt off.

In a few second, I was so surprised that I could neither move or think. And then I realized I had to check around there for determining if things were fired up or not because there many piece of paper and many kinds. I imagined a newspaper which said "there was fire at 'my' university." How horrible it was!!! Fortunately, there was no fire.

And then, I was thinking how to say what happened to my teacher. thinkng and thinking and thinking.... And finally I said to him,

"I am so sorry but I seem to break the machie....."

I was honest, wasn't I?

At first, he didn't understand that and said "let me look." And after a glimpse, he said " it just shorted out." 

What!? Short!? 

And also he said "it formarly about to short. It's all right. I can fix it."

How terrible it was!! So, I was in dangerous room everyday !!? In this time, my hand was a little bit burned!!
I decided to take care of myself when I am inside the reseach room from now on.

particular kind of 特殊な
organc solvant 有機溶媒
the second you do ~した瞬間
splutter ぱちぱち言う音
give off sparks 火花が散る
burn off 焼ききる
determine if 確かめる
be fired up 燃える
short out ショートする
formarly もともと


Oh My God!

You know, Blogger has two type of blog. One is the normal one, blogger and the other is new one, bogger beta.

I would like to change blogger to blogger beta because the latter seemed to be more convenient than the formar. So, I registered for new one for experimentation. And I wanted to transmit old blog to new one.

And now..................

I can't post my old ones! The web site said it was not available now and such kind of system will come soon. On, I didn't know that!

So, I would like to move old coments here. How terrible it is!


A Chorus Line

Do you know the piece,"One"? This is the most famous one in the movie,A Chorus Line. If you
lived in Japan several years ago, you know it because it was used in the commercial message of MALTS beer, the product of Suntry.

When I was a baby, my mother always let me listen 80's American musics like the broadway musical. She said that I had danced with the music sang by Mahalia Jackson :-O Because of this, she had wanted me to listen other wonderful musics. The movie, A Chorus Line, is one of the kinds of them.

As soon as I watched the video tape, I like it! Of couce, I didn't understand the story becayse I couldn't read any Japanese and I couldn't understand most of Japanese words. However, I realized that the songs were so rhythmic and the dancers were so great that my body was naturally moved! And still now, this movie is one of the best movies for me.

A few years ago, I had a chance to go to USA. I thought this was the chance to get the CD of A Chorus Line. Actually, I looked into it in many many Japanese CD shops. But, I didn't find it except Japanese version. And finally, I found it, the broadway version. Though I wanted to get the movie version, I changed my mind because I thought the broadway version was original. In terms of results, it was terrific!

After going back home, because I was too busy for long time to listen it, I had forgot the existance of the CD and untill recently. Now, I listen it everyday every time. Actually, I am listening now! When I listen it, I foget all of hard things. How wonderful music is!!

rhythmic リズミカルな
in terms of results  結果的には
piece  曲、作品、小品
commercial message CM



The pillow that I told you before is really cool!

The reason I am so impressed may be that I was used to very cheap pillow (my mother said it costed about 2000 yen!) bought at a super marcket. Anyway, it is great deference between new and old one.

It is so soft and fit my head that I am very very relaxed!! Before using it, I always move my head and body and I had found my head hadn't been on the pillow. Furthermore, I always had stiff neck. The shopper of pillows said it is because my old pillow doesn't fit my head. She also said a good pillow is which doesn't give us any room between shoulder and mattress when using it. That's my pillow!! I don't feel any stress anymore. Now, I understand pillows play the great role of human health.


There's serious problem. I haven't had such a critical question!!!!!

I can't get out of bed because my sleeping time is now too confortable!!!

stiff neck 肩こり
mattress (敷き)布団
play the role of 役割を担う



I bought a new pillow.
At first, I checked my height between my head and shoulder. The shopper said the best size for me was the pillow which has the lowest height because the size is only 2 cm.

And then, I checked the hardness. There were many kinds of pillows there. I looked for the best pillow in the point of view of cleaness and feelness.
The first point, cleaness, is very important to use for long years. If I can't wash it, it would be dirty and I had to throw it away soon.
And second point, feelness, is criterion in thinking about health. The pillow played the role of our health so that it is important how we feel with pillows.

Finally, I decided a new one. That is consists of many pipes which is pasted charcoal. It is soft but not too much and is considered for every body shape.

I like it and I would like to use it soon!!


Burn weeds!!

Now, I have hay fever and catch a cold....
It makes me mad because of its irritation.
I would like to burn all weeds in the world. You know, in this season, the cause of hay fever is BUTAKUSA, one of kinds of weeds in Japan.

Oh, how heavy hay fever is!!!


Charter Oath of Five Articles

Now, I have a light purse.

During the summer vacation for university students (I mean, you know, I am a graduate stundent and study scinece, who have to come school during this term), I didn't have any job. Because one of my job is a TA (teaching assistant) of experiment, I wasn't need while the experiments wasn't held. And the other job I have is tutor and I must have a job even during vacation under normal conditions. However, my student said she wanted to quit my lessons because of her schedule. So, I didn't have any job......

Though, of cource, now I have the job because summer season finished, I can't get money till end of month.....

So, I decided to cut off everythig I can do!

At first, I don't buy any clothes. It is enough to pass this autumn.

Second, I don't buy any cosmetic products! Actually, I run out face wash soap, face lotion and essence. But, I have some free gifts! So, I will use them untill getting money!

Third, I cut back the cost of bottled drinks. If I bought a drink in a 150 ml plastic bottle, I should pay about 140 yen. That means I have to pay about 1 yen per 1 ml! In contrast, if I bought a drink in a 2L plastic bottle, I might pay only about 200 yen! It means I may pay about 0.1 yen per 1ml! It's one tenth of usual cost!! (Because I am always in a laboratory, I have my own cup there.)

Fourth, I cut back the cost of lunch. I sometimes go to restaurant not in my university because I want to eat delicious food. But, now, I abolish it! I have to eat at cafeteria at my university or cup noodle. It costs 100 yen to 400 yen at one time.

Fifth, I try not to be lured by anything!!
Pacience brings me up a wonderful person!!!

These are my Charter Oath of Five Articles!!!

Charter Oath of Five Articles 五箇条のご誓文
have light purse 貧乏である
under normal conditions 本当ならば
run out 切らす
free gift 試供品
lure 誘惑する


Starting day

The usual time schedule is starting today. My vacation was finished....

They were so wonderful days!
I went to two movie theater in a day with my mother.
I went to Kichijyoji on weekday.
I met my lovely old friends.
I went to Tokyo Disney land and rode on the Haunted Manshon which was decorated for Halloween!
I could oversleep everyday!

But..... now, I have to change my mind for usual life style. I have to get up early and study at my university.....

Wait :-O!! Please don't misunderstand me! Actually, I like to take lessons and study ;-) It's no problem!

The only problem is my university is far from my house :'(!!!! After going back home, the only things I can do is eating and sleeping.

Oh, I really look forward to next Sunday!!!

Beatiful Japanese

Minister of Education and Science, Bunmei Ibuki, said obligation of English education in elementary school is no need. He thinks if you get beatiful Japanese skill, you couldn't learn any language.

As for me, one of English learners, I agree him. The reason is two; to protect our language and to learn foreign tongue.

At first, we have to protect right Japanese words. Recently, many people use wrong Japanese words and intonation.
For example, when I read the article of Prime Minister, Sinichiro Abe, it said he had said "OMOTTAKEDO (思ったけど、 "It means 'I think, but...' in English") ." It's wrong! You know, "OMOTTAKEREDO(思ったけれど )." This problem have created a sensation for a long long time. However, now, even the top leader of Japan use wrong one!!! I guess many young use wrong Japanese is the only game in town. But, I don't think it is good the rep of Japan can't use right Japanese! If the trend continues, there will be no one who can use right Japanese!!
There's the other example. Do you realize some of annoucers (even NHK announcers!) use wrong intonation or honorifics? Though I am not one of the best users of Japanese, I sometimes think the quality of annoucers goes off.

Furthermore, to learn right Japanese helps study other languages.When you were an elementary school student, you learn about grammar of your native language. You learned nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, honorific words and so on. These help you learn other language because some of them are same as every tongues. For example, if you didn't understand there are verbs (like you didn't care using "です" or "ます"), you may write English essay without it like "I once a high school student." in an unconcerned manner.
Or if you always ignore the order of word classes, you wouldn't understand how to use them. It is too late to realize it after starting to learn other languages.

For these reasons, I definitely think it is better to learn native language first than to learn half-baked native and foreign one all at once.

Phew! What a long earnest diary(?) it is! I realized that even I can write like this one! Ha-ha :-]

義務 obligation
文部科学大臣 Minister of Education and Science
外国語 foreign tongue
物議を醸す create a sensation
~の代表 rep of
仕方の無い the only game in town
質が落ちる go off
敬語 honorific
平気で in unconcerned manner
品詞 word class
中途半端な half-baked