Do you know Bitsuu, one of the acupressure points?

Pressing acupressure points, you are relieved from a stuffy nose.

Yesterday, I caught a cold again. Unfortunately, I had to take a job interview. I almost went down. And last night, I was about to die, for I couldn't bleeze because I had a stuffy nose and heavy cough. I didn't have time for breath.

So, I decided to find the way which release me from stuffy nose. (As for cough, I bought throat lozenge) And I found the Bitsuu. If you want to know the detail, see http://www.tubodojo.com/tubo/hana.htm

Now, I am more relaxed than before.

acupressure point ツボ
stuffy nose 鼻詰まり
throat lozenge のどあめ



many many tasks!

Recently, I have to do a lot of task. But, I decided to enjoy this situation.

One of them is, I said before, the problem inside our research group.
Today, the professor want to talk with me, so I can't do any my research. I am so disappointed now. Also, I am nervous about what we will talk.

And another my task is, of course, job hunting. I haven't take any job interview still now. So, I can't find my good point and bad point. Maybe I will be relaxed after taking my first job interview. It will take on this Thirsday. (To tell the truth, it is the best company for me so that I am too nervous. But, even if I can't get it (Oh, how terrible it is!), I wll change my mind for next interview....)

Also, I need time for my study. The machie I am using had been broken three months ago. At first, it's all right because I could concentrated in my job hunting, but the longer time I didn't do my study, the more I was worried about the rest time I can do it. So, now I am relieved.

All of tasks were about to crush me. But, I hoped to live with happy. Thus, I decided to enjoy this situation. I think if I solve all this task with satisfaction, I can proud of myself. I imagine my future and will rush headlong toward it.

the more~, the more~:~するほど~だ。
rush headlong toward:~に突き進む


Talk with friend

To talk with friend is one of the most important task for our heart, I think.
Recently, our reseach group has difficult problem. It is about our relationship.
It is about privacy so that I don't tell you detail.
As for me, it is not so important problem because I didn't realize it before, but some of our group thought it was very serious and didn't feel good.
So, the professor apologized us.

However, he said he couldn't solve it. We were so angry and some said they would tell it a comittee of our university.

I thought it was the best way to calm them down but I didn't think it was the best way because if we tell them about it, we have to put up with the survey and some seniors couldn't study even if they have to prepare for the presentation at reseach presentation day for their graduation. Thus, I decided to say my worry to the professor.

At first, he only listen my opinion. And then, he asked me that I would be in the member of solving this problem. I thought I am not suit for this rule. Whereas, I had to do if all members couldn' t solve it. It was tough.....

Finally, our condition became a little bit good. We don't think it was finished. Maybe my opinion is not good and all member may think I am wrong. (Actually, many members said I am right. I would like to thank them.)

In this case, I conferred with my mother. She thought it with me. So, I could think about it with calm mind. Also, I whined about it to my e-pal. He was so kind and said his reseach group also has problems. After reading it, my heart was light. I thought to talk with someone is great for our relaxization and find an idea!

confer with ~と話し合う
whine about ~について愚痴を言う



Rakugo is a style of Japanese perfome.
I think it is strange traditional style in the world because I don't know an entertainment which the performer just sits and acts as the characters and also the narrator except rakugo (I didn't serch in detail. If you know such kind of play in the world, tell me 耳 ).

In the live, a Rakugo-ka (a performer) sits on a zabuton (Japanese cussion) and tell us a story. It is so comical that all guests can't help laughing. On the one hand, rakugo is one of Japanese traditional play, so there are classic plays. I mean the storytellers have to memorize all of contents including the story, jestures and jokes. The perforOn the other hand, there are creative stories. In that case, the performers concider all contents.

Thus, in many cases, the rakugo performers are so smart.

Today, I watched the TV program about Shinosuke Tachikawa, who is a Rakugo-ka. He, at first, wanted to learn normal rakugo style. But, un fortunately, his master quit their association, he didn't have chance to practice and try rakugo performance. Because of such a enviroment, he created his original rakugo style. After watching it, I thought I would like to go and see his rakugo.

I think rakugo is wonderful play in Japan. I hope many people will realize rakugo is great. But, it is definitely difficult. Because one of the great points of rakugo is the rhythm of words. So, if you can't listen fast Japanese talking, you can't understand rakugo. Umm...

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I went to Kichijyoji with my friend today.
It was so wonderful time because Kichijyoji is always different for me.
Some restaurants change different ones. Or some old buildings was rebuild to beuatidul ones. So, when I go there, I feel like it is first time I come here.

Today, I went a lot of places. I went to two restaurants, which I had never been before, new T-shirts shop, organic cosmetic store, aroma shop, tea shop (but it was closed...), karaoke, book store and big hobby shop. I am tired but I enjoyed them. If I had afford to do it, I wanted to buy some cosmetic items and cloths, but I didn't have any time and power. I would like to do it tomorrow or someday.

Especially talking with my friend was the most precious time. She is one of my junior high school and high school classmates. She is university student and also studys chemistry. Thus, we have a lot of common topics. I felt old friends are special for me. I hope we keep relationship forever.


A Happy New Year!!


The year 2007 was finally started!
How was you new year's eve and yesterday?

I cleaned all floor and waxed it in my house on the last day of the new year's eve. And I also cleaned the bathroom and wash stand. And then, I watched partway annual NHK sponsored year-end men versus women singing contest (so I don't know which won. Do you know that?).

On the moment changing the day from 2006 to 2007, I drank white wine which I bought in last summer and is the first wine I liked white one. I think it was elegant day 最高~! What do you think??

wash stand 洗面所
partway 途中まで