many many tasks!

Recently, I have to do a lot of task. But, I decided to enjoy this situation.

One of them is, I said before, the problem inside our research group.
Today, the professor want to talk with me, so I can't do any my research. I am so disappointed now. Also, I am nervous about what we will talk.

And another my task is, of course, job hunting. I haven't take any job interview still now. So, I can't find my good point and bad point. Maybe I will be relaxed after taking my first job interview. It will take on this Thirsday. (To tell the truth, it is the best company for me so that I am too nervous. But, even if I can't get it (Oh, how terrible it is!), I wll change my mind for next interview....)

Also, I need time for my study. The machie I am using had been broken three months ago. At first, it's all right because I could concentrated in my job hunting, but the longer time I didn't do my study, the more I was worried about the rest time I can do it. So, now I am relieved.

All of tasks were about to crush me. But, I hoped to live with happy. Thus, I decided to enjoy this situation. I think if I solve all this task with satisfaction, I can proud of myself. I imagine my future and will rush headlong toward it.

the more~, the more~:~するほど~だ。
rush headlong toward:~に突き進む


KIYO said...

When it's very hectic, it's likely to forget the most important things.

Even though all the tasks must be important, you can get through with them, right?

Say "I can do it. I can do it."

kaimu said...


I can do it!!!

Thank you :)