Uva tea

I like tea.

When I went to the English conversation school, my taecher was British. Because I thought British like tea and they have it every day, I asked him which tea he liked. And he said that he didn't have tea so much. I thought England was the nation of tea....

Anyway, I love tea and I often go to the tea shop. There is my favorite tea shop which you can buy tasty tea leaves at a low price. I bought Darjeeling, Dimbula, Nilgili, Assam, Uva, Keemun there. I haven't tried most of these before I had found this shop.

In this season, as for me, the most favorite tea is milk tea. When I asked the shopmaster, he recommended me to try Uva tea. In this shop, you can try some tea, so I tried Uva tea. It was delicious and now I always have Uva tea!

I like the time to learn English with tea. It is precious time!


Travel to somewhere

Now, I am trying to make a plan for travel to Kinugawa spring with my friends.

They are my high-school friends and most of them will graduate this March. Interestingly, the half of members became graduate students, including me. How dilligent we are! :P

The total members are 12 and 5 will go to the spring. I think it is great because they are so busy. I would like to have a good time with them!



Last year, I went to several instrumental concerts. This was rare experiment for me because I didn't like classic concerts.

At the first concert of the year, which my old friend played violin as a member of quartet, I had been very serious to see players. before that, I think I didn't seen them so seriously and only listened melody. But, in this time, because she is my friend, I wanted to see her. And I realized how fantastic players were. Their technique wasn't simple and I felt their feeling into music. It was so good time.

At the second time, I went to the Christmas concert of Makoto Ozone, who is the great jazz pianist in Japan and he can play not only jazz music but also classic music. I love his music so much and had wanted to go to his concerts once! His play was so wonderful and he told us about his music so that I could understand the music. And he also did an improvisation! This was also great. So, it was presure time for me.

Enjoying these two concerts, I would like to know much more about classic and jazz. I always love jazz but I realized that there are many things that I haven't knew yet. And also classic! I learned classic music field was very wide and deep.

This year, I would like to know about music more and more. This will be a good experience for me and I have a good time to be relax and move forward even if I would have bad thing.

do an inprovisation 即興で演じる