the 1st work

I taught some students on last Saturday!
I tanght three students and I will teach one student of them every Saturday.

The other stundents just asked some question about mathmatics.
At first, I was so nervous because I had never done a tutor at a plum school before.
But, once the student understood my explanation, I was proud of my explanation skill little by little. You know, I am simple...

After finishing teaching, a teacher who is professional to teach and many teachers rely him, asked me "Have you teach something before? I was surprised because your teaching is very well."
I was so happy to hear that! Actually, I taught some stundents as a teaching assistant, and a home teacher. And in using internet, I realized that I can teach students!!

To tell the truth, though I did my best, I did some mistakes. But, I want not to forget his word and try teaching more and more!!

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the 1st day

It is my 1st day of part-time working at the new office.
I am really worried if I can teach students smoothly or not.

But, I will do my best!


Night at the museum

I watched the movie, "night at the museum (it named night museum in Japan)."
It was wonderful! It is the movie that I didn't think I was boring or it was strange.
Yeah, it was good movie.

I recommend you especially if you are interested in human history.
In the museum, there are many characters not only related with USA but also other countries.
There are many famous actors in the movie.
You know, Ben Stiller and Robin Williams are very famous.
Also, I sometimes see Carla Gugino (I like "Spy Kids" very much!!) and Owen Wilson.

And,Dick Van Dyke!!!!

He acted as Bert in the movie "Mary Poppins"!!! When I was a child, I loved him very very much!!!
He is now like a gentle old man!

The most interesting thing is the end of the movie.
I think same thing was happened in the reality because of this movie!! I was so surprised.

So, if you are little bit interested in the movie, check it!!


the fear of measles

About 10 days ago, some student in my university had measles.
We took the mail from a proffessor which alarm us about measles.
It said it is like a cold and if we had over 37.5 degree fever, we should go to see the doctor.

Yesterday, I had a fever. It wasn't high temperature and I thought it was because of headache.
But, some professors are natural worrier.
I mean there are big possibility that they blame me because I wasn't worried about the other students. (Many scientists are natural worriers, I think :P)

So, I went to the hospital today.
And the result was fine.
Plus, I got a rest (because, anyway, I had a fever.)!!
What a wonderful day!!!

measles はしか
natural worrier 心配性

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good and bad

Recently, I had to decide which is so important.

That is my transfer!!
In strictly speaking, it's not the transfer but I need to decide the place I research.
This is because my teacher went to the other prefecture.
He was promoted and move to the different university.
So, the best choice for me is going the university with my teacher.

But, unfortunately, I have no money to go.
Because I have a little brother who go to a private university and study about rchitecture, we don't afford to use big money.

At first, I found my parttime job as soon as possible and think making a lot of money. I thought it was enough to live and research that sums my earining and parents' support.
However, I couldn't persuade my father into help me.
He said he can't give money because I couldn't say I definetly return a certain day (in the condition, we had to decide a new plan so that we couldn't say which day is good to return).

To tell the truth, I want to go.... But, I decided to think it positively!!
I don't need to make big money anymore and now I have a parttime job!!
Well, I will earn a lot of money and use for the last days of university and for the future (I mean it is when I live alone)!!

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