the 1st work

I taught some students on last Saturday!
I tanght three students and I will teach one student of them every Saturday.

The other stundents just asked some question about mathmatics.
At first, I was so nervous because I had never done a tutor at a plum school before.
But, once the student understood my explanation, I was proud of my explanation skill little by little. You know, I am simple...

After finishing teaching, a teacher who is professional to teach and many teachers rely him, asked me "Have you teach something before? I was surprised because your teaching is very well."
I was so happy to hear that! Actually, I taught some stundents as a teaching assistant, and a home teacher. And in using internet, I realized that I can teach students!!

To tell the truth, though I did my best, I did some mistakes. But, I want not to forget his word and try teaching more and more!!

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KIYO said...

If you confidently answer the questions students give you, they'll believe you are a reliable teacher.

Yes! You must be a good teacher.
I was wondering if you could teach me English.

kaimu said...


No way!
You are better than I am. I don't have enough knowledge to teach you English!

Anyway, I would like to try to become a much better teacher!