Decide my job

I decided my job.

It is reserach job. Of cource, now I study chemstry so that it is happy occasion for me.


I do want another job because it seems to be more suite for my character. So, I wonder whether job is good for my future.

There are many points to decide our future job. Money, challenge, social thing, character, companies' scale, future vision and so on. I felt it was too difficult for any person to find out what is good job or company.

At that time, the decisive factor of my choice is that comment of a certain person.

"We search for people with passion like you."

It was when I went to factory tour after I was made an offer. I debate whether to go this company or the other companies (At that time, I got three offers). The manager of human affairs said to me, "so that I am happy if you come here."

The reason he said that is that I honestly spoke him about my preferred job. He said because this lind of job which I want to be is the important ones in the company, he was happy to hear my desire. And also he said that I need one or two year- research experiment to get this job.

Before I talked with him, I was really worried about my future. To tell the truth, I got another offer for this kind of job. So, I have another choice. However, I felt the company I went to factory tour was much more attractive than the other companies. So, after talking, I felt certain that this company was suit for me!!

Furthermore, after going home and sending a thank you message about the interview for him, he replied soon. And he wrote "I won't forget what you say. If you want to become this job after 1 or 2-year reseach experiment, please come forward . I won't forget your word and I will help your dream coming true."

His word gave me courage and I moved.

I know it is the all parts of the company. There is a possibility that after entering this company, most kind people during the interview change their attitude. But, I believe his words are real and I can get the opportunity to challenge the job which I want to be. That's fantastic!

So, I decided this company.

Job hunting gives me a lot of things. Mostly, it is important to have a courage and act everything as we can. As for me, it was change my life that I had a courage and ask him about my desire.

challenge やりがい
social thing 人付き合い
decisive factor 決め手
with passion 情熱を持った
be made an offer 内定をもらう
come forward 立候補する

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