I would like to... but

I would like to write many things recently.
However, I couldn't write them because I need to write entry seats. This is so difficult that I can write some small article. But, I want to write as possible as I can! So, keep checking my blog!


Finding job

I went to the employment bureau in my university. This is first time to visit there.
In this time, my counselor was old boy in my university. At first, he said very strict things. He said my activity is too slow. Many master's cource students started acting in August. Of cource, I knew some of them did, but I realized I held it cheap. But,I think that anyway I have to advance. The coucelors willcheck my entry seats and also look our practice of job interview. I would like to utilize this system.

And also, I asked about what sight the recruiter think good. It was also good information. I coud decide what I do and I would like to act as soon as possible.

I knew finding job is tough but I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

employment bureau 就職課
hold ~ cheap ~を甘く見る
interview  面接
sight 格好


Blues Brothers 2000

I watced the movie "Blues Brothers 2000" with my mother tonight.
My mother had been intrested in this movie and she wanted to record on a video tape. She like American singers in good old days. I don't have good knowledge of them but I like to listen powerful singers so that I decided to watch it though it was midnight.

This movie was some kind of comedy which characters did strange action. For example, the hero always suddenly parallel parked a car with merry-go-round way. And it is also a musical movie. There were very big guest in it such like James Brown, Eric Clapton. So, I enjoy so much with music.

In the internet, some says the former movie is better than latter one (this movie). So, I would like to see the former one, which Ray Charles was on the bill!

If you are interested in blues or not, I recommend you to watch it!

good old days 古き良き時代
parallel park a car 縦列駐車する
be on the bill  出演している


Tasty coffee

When I was busy for prepareing science conference, I realized coffee was great drink for concentration. I didn't like it before because coffee is a little bit bitter and sour drink.

Now, I would like to drink it in the lab so that I want to find the coffee which tastes better (not so bitter and sour) for me. Recently, I have looked into drip-type coffee because some say it is tasty. Also, it is good for me like study at small place. I don't have enough space to put coffee maker or big bottle, however, if I have drip coffees, I can birng it easily and don't need to put it on my desk.

I hope I will find my favorite one soon because winter is coming!


After taking TOEIC

I took TOEIC test just now . It is not hard but I think I need more practice .

What I need is speed, I think. I regret that I couldn't catch up with concidering answer in the listening section . Maybe I have to practice the formation of TOEIC more.


I am going to go to the room which I will take the TOEIC test....

After returning home, I would like to write about it here!


The difficulty in the reseach group

In studying at university (you know, I study chemistrydepartment), I sometimes think it is difficult to communicate with some people.

Today, I met my senior in my ex reseach group. She is in trouble now with new members. They are so proud that they can't admit their fault. Thus, the system is so mess now. As for usual company, it is natural that anyone keep the roles in the company and if they don't obey the role, they have to be quited. It means that they aren't social man. This is only to be expected. But, my senior said the new member can't do this name of the game.

As in the university, there are some people who are like that. The reason is , I think, that they didn't need to prepare for become an social man and just onlu had done study. But, I don't think that isn't good. Of cource, there are great person who aren't social, but almost all scientist in the world are memebers of society. So, we agree that they are free and easy.

As for me, it is a big problem because I need to prepare for finding a job. I have to reconcider my common courtesy and the attitude toward the society.

You know, the Japanese proverb says,

be proud プライドが高い
mess めちゃくちゃ
social man member of society 社会人
this is only to be expected. 当たり前だ
the name of the game 当たり前の
free and easy だらしのない のんきな
common courtesy 礼儀


Pretty Icon

Yesterday, I was looking for wallpaper sites which had pretty ones. And I found the Disney sites and also found the tool bar which we can easily use icons like above! There are many icons for English like this .These are fantastic! Click the icons and then you can find the site. If you are interested in it, how about check it??

The Final Day

Today, I went to my English conversation school as usual. And though I didn't think it but it is to be the last class for me in this school........

To tell the truth, I wanted to change the school (not to change other company but to change other school near my university of same company) because it is tough to go the school which is near my house after leaving my university. It is better for me to go to conversation school at lunch while I am staying at my university.

At first, this changing seemed to be very easy. However, because my teacher admitted me to go up level, it wasn't. so easy. The manager of this school said there were no my class at lunch. So, I waited for her reply for another two weeks. And finally, I found the exact cource I wanted.

Today, I asked her about it. She said I would start this cource next Wednesday! I was so surprised because it meant it was the last class today! And then, the lesson was started.

My teacher said he would have a vacation and there wasn't next week's class so we can have another lesson in this week. In his explanation, I thought it didn't have something to do with me... I was so sad that I couldn't say I never take your lesson so easily. When I said it at last, I was too sad.

The last lesson finished smoothly. And I said good bye. From next week, I will going to go to new school. It was so sad but it looked a little bit exiting. I have mixed feeling...

have mixed feeling 複雑な心境である



Recent a few month, there are many young suicides in all over Japan. The reason is bullying. It is sad and we have to do is protecting them from the idea of suicide.
Because I practiced to become a teacher at my university, I think about it everyday.Why did such a things happen? Why couldn't people around the victims save them? Why did they tell about bullying to anyone or ask to save themselves?

One of my acquaintance said it might be because of suicides. She said some people may protect themselves from abrasive feeling which the person who think he/she was bullied give them. Of cource, it is one of the possibility, but I think it has a point. And because it is one of the reason, I think adults like teachers and (not only the sucides' but also the bullies') parents should take care of children more deeply and kindly.

When I was a high school student, I didn't want to make friends with a girl when I knew she used a pen of my friend's which was her treasure by stealth though my friend once had refused her to use it. Of cource, I didn't bully this girl. We sometimes talk as classmates. However, I couldn't help distrusting her. After that, I realized many of classmates felt same thing about her because of her other actions.

I think it was sad experience, but I don't know what I had to do. I didn't allow her many actions in that time. I didn't want to become best friends of her. In this case, we were high school students and they had already know bullying wasn't good thing so that we don't bully her. But, almost all classmates couldn't talk or make friends with her naturally.

Maybe some of the reason of suicides might be same as it. If we were a little bit extremer and she were more nervous, she might kill herself. It was terrible but such a thing can happen everywehere!

So, the adults are important, I think. I mean, the teacher and parents should teach children that there are many type of people and some of them thought be a little bit strange or bad person but all people have up side.... Children have no way to realize it without someone's help.
As for me, I could think she might have many good points and she might be just only too shy to express her opinion or emotion after a few years passed, but it was too late. I hope adults who have the chance to teach children create kid's way to peace classroom.

By the way, there are not only such a case but also the case which is the cause of only bullies' action like blackmail and brutal power. In this case, the teachers and parent's should be more strict than now. We may need the revolution of education or make other kind of help system for them. In fact, recently, the consulting detectives sometimes save children. It is new system for saving. They look into the child's school life or eavesdrop children's conversation in the school. And if they find the proof, they show it to the parents and if they need, the detectives teach them how to act (I heard one of detectives recommends to use layers and not tell directly school officials). It may be one of the best way at least now.

Anyway, it is better to stop before the bullies happen.

bullying いじめ
suicide 自殺者
acquaintance 知り合い
abrasive 不快な
have apoint 一理ある
by stealth こっそりと
distrust 不信感を抱く
extreme 過激
up side 良い面
blackmail 恐喝
brutal power 暴力
eaversdrop 盗聴する



I go to Osaka for a conference of my study so that I think I can't write my Englsih diary. After going back home, I would like to tell you about my trip. I stay there from 11/5 to 11/9.
I think I can write my other Japanese blog which I can publish with my cell phone.

fathers' joke??

In last English conversation lesson, we talked about jokes. There are many jokes in English like "The horse became hoarses." and so on. It is called child's joke.

And in Japan, there are also same kind of jokes. Like "HUTON GA HUTTONDA." In this lesson, I realize the name of jokes are different thoguht they are ones of the same kind. I mean, you say this kind of jokes "OYAJI(fathers') GAG(joke)," not "KODOMO(child's) GAG." How strange it is!

And then I concidered why they are different. One of the reason might be that their calture are different. In Japan, you don't use so many jokes. In the one hand, if you use Japanese jokes, your family, friends, or colleagues should think you were stupid. And Japanese children don't want to use it beacause their parents don't laugh when they use fathers' gag. So, only person who use this kind of gag is fathers because, in old time, they have authority to force his family tp laugh and now fathers had to use it for keeping family's good atmosohere. On the other hand, if you use English jokes, they shouldn't think you were stupid not so much and everyone including children can use it more easier than in Japan, I think....

Well, I would like to thank all Japanse fathers. Thank you for your brave.

hoarse しわがれ声の、 のどを痛める
of the same kind 同種の