The Final Day

Today, I went to my English conversation school as usual. And though I didn't think it but it is to be the last class for me in this school........

To tell the truth, I wanted to change the school (not to change other company but to change other school near my university of same company) because it is tough to go the school which is near my house after leaving my university. It is better for me to go to conversation school at lunch while I am staying at my university.

At first, this changing seemed to be very easy. However, because my teacher admitted me to go up level, it wasn't. so easy. The manager of this school said there were no my class at lunch. So, I waited for her reply for another two weeks. And finally, I found the exact cource I wanted.

Today, I asked her about it. She said I would start this cource next Wednesday! I was so surprised because it meant it was the last class today! And then, the lesson was started.

My teacher said he would have a vacation and there wasn't next week's class so we can have another lesson in this week. In his explanation, I thought it didn't have something to do with me... I was so sad that I couldn't say I never take your lesson so easily. When I said it at last, I was too sad.

The last lesson finished smoothly. And I said good bye. From next week, I will going to go to new school. It was so sad but it looked a little bit exiting. I have mixed feeling...

have mixed feeling 複雑な心境である

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