Blues Brothers 2000

I watced the movie "Blues Brothers 2000" with my mother tonight.
My mother had been intrested in this movie and she wanted to record on a video tape. She like American singers in good old days. I don't have good knowledge of them but I like to listen powerful singers so that I decided to watch it though it was midnight.

This movie was some kind of comedy which characters did strange action. For example, the hero always suddenly parallel parked a car with merry-go-round way. And it is also a musical movie. There were very big guest in it such like James Brown, Eric Clapton. So, I enjoy so much with music.

In the internet, some says the former movie is better than latter one (this movie). So, I would like to see the former one, which Ray Charles was on the bill!

If you are interested in blues or not, I recommend you to watch it!

good old days 古き良き時代
parallel park a car 縦列駐車する
be on the bill  出演している

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