Oosaka vol.4 ~KAIYUKAN~

The last day, I met with my old friend.
She and I have been friends since we were preschool students.

Now, she lives in Kyoto and study low.
At first, she wanted me to come Kyoto because she is professional of Kyoto.
But, unfortunately, my father was traveling Kyoto on that day and I didn't want to meet him because he is luck-pusher and I didn't imagine what he would do if we met.

After meeting, she took me to go to the OKONOMIYAKI restaurant.
She wanted me to eat delicious food in Osaka! I thanked her very much!
Okonomiyaki was very tasty. I think okonomiyaki in Tokyo is different from Osaka ones.
Oosaka's okonomiyaki has discipined texture and tastes more strongly than Tokyo one's.
Maybe in Tokyo, okonomiyaki is similar to monjayaki.

While we ate okonomiyaki, I gave a birthday present for her.
It was a mug. Because she entered graduate school this year, I think she needs some good cup for relaxing while studying in a small research room.
She said she wanted it, too. So, my plan was successful!!

After eating Okonomiyaki, we moved to KAIYUKAN which is one of the biggest aquarium in Japan. I love Kaiyukan because of its scale and a whale shark.

In the aquarium, I rent a PDA for my English practice. I sometimes explained what the PDA said to my friend. I learned a lot of biological, geological words and phenomena.

The water tank for whale shark was very very big so that it has a few chance to see her for short distance.
Furthermore, she seemed not to like to approach people.
So, at first, we gave up to see for short distance.
Our walk space was around many tanks and whale shark's tank was so large that we have many oppotunity that we can watch the tank.
And at last oppotunity of seeing her, we finally watch her very nearly!!
She seemed to change her mind suddenly!!
We were so lucky!
She was so big and very kind shark. Around her, there were so many fish.

After we were satisfied with the aquarium, I have to leave as soon as possible because of my train.
I wanted to stay with her more longer, but we said good-bye.
I hope she came Tokyo next time! I want to sightseeing plan for her!!

preschool 幼稚園
luck-pusher お調子者
discipined しっかりとした
texture 食感

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part time job

In this year, I will have no money to do anything!!
So, I have to earn money right now even though
I have been still searching job. I will become a student worker.

Soon after I knew my situation, I took the action so quickly
that I could find my job soon.

That is web tutor.
I will teach someone with using internet.
Is it interesting, isn't it??

I was fascinated by this system.
I think I can learn not only teaching but also web communication.

In the future, we will have much oppotunity to
have a comunication using web.
So, it is kind a practice for job.

Today, I heard the explanation of the job
and tomorrow I will learn how to use the computer.
I mean, I have to learn how to use web pen and many tools.
Also, I must understand webcam and microphone system.

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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Osaka vol.3 ~Kobe~

On the 3rd day, I went to Kobe!!

After finishing my presentation,
I searched the presentation schedule to find ones I wanted to see.

But, I couldn't find any one. I had already saw them.

So, I decided to go to other places!
Just sightseeing!!

After going back to the hotel, I looked a map and decided to go to Kobe.
The reasons are 1) there seem to be many kind of delicious food and
2)I haven't gone further west than Osaka before.

When I reached Kobe, I had no plan.
So, at first, I have to decide what I should do.
I walked toward the town map and suddenly decided to go to the sea!
Before reaching the sea, I thought I would see a lot of sightseeing place,
so I decided to sheer my way.
I ate tasty casual French at lunch, saw old buildings and visited
a lamp museum at which there are many beatiful old lamps.

When I reached the sea, it was rain so that there are no people.
I was so happy to have the ocean view for my own!!
And then, I went to a big shopping mall.
After taking a rest there for a while,
I returned to the station where I started to walk.

And at last, I bought a mug for a present of my friend who lives in Kyoto.

I walked for long long distance! So, I was so satisfied with the day!

Next time, I would like to talk about the last day in Osaka!

sheer one's way 曲がりくねりながら進む
for one's own 独り占めして

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Osaka vol.2 ~IKAYAKI~

Today, I would like to talk about foods in Osaka.
It is said that Osaka is KUIDAORE city
which means you definetely fall down
because you will want to eat too much.
There are many delicious food!

For example, OKONOMIYAKI is one of the favorite food in Osaka.
Of cource, I ate it. It was so delicious!

And TAKOYAKI. I ate it after making my presentation.
It was a present for me!! It was so tasty!!!

In Tokyo, there are many okonomiyaki or takoyaki shop,
but I don't think they are deferent from Osaka's foods.
I don't know why.....
Well, as for me, I like Osaka foods better than Tokyo ones.

In this time, the most surprising and amazing food is IKAYAKI.
At first, I didn't know what ikayaki was.
When I joined a drinking party, some of members said ikayaki was so good.
I was interested in it and asked them how ikayaki like.
Their answer was "it's like crape"
"A crape with a squid????"
I couldn't imagine. But, they said
"It was soooooo delicious!! I wanna eat one more time!"

So, I decided to try it!!
Ikayaki was, well like crape!!
Inside a kind of crape dough, there are squid arm.
And after roasting, it was put some sauce and chili pepper on.
If you can't imagine, look this page
This Ikayaki is richer than I tell you, but has same appearance.

The price of Ikayaki I ate was 100 yen!!
It was too cheap!! And delicious!!

I thought Osaka was so wonderful food city!!

crape クレープ
dough  生地

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Osaka vol.1 ~about my presentation~

I would like to write about the day I went to Osaka.

I went there for science conference.
This is the second time to attend that kind of conference for me, but I am little nervous, for it's the first time I made a presentation (in previous time, I did poster presentation). To matters worse, because I had been busy for job hunting, I hadn't finished my presentation yet when I reached Osaka!!

Solving this problem, I experinced which I hadn't had before.

That is "internet cafe."

You know, in Japan, the internet cafes have increased recent years. It is good for relaxing and staying. Some of them have a lot of comic books, free drink services, some free shower rooms and a nail salon. (In fact, I didn't use them except drink services) That was amazing!!

I could use microsoft powerpoint in the cafe so that I finally finish my presentation slide and make the draft. Iwas to do my presentation next day...

And the presentation day...

I had to borrow a PC for powerpoint from stuff of my research group. It was easy to get a PC so that I was so relieved. But..... My destiny didn't smile for me...

There wasn't connecter between a PC and projector!!!!

The time I was realized was almost an hours before my presentation!! I had to find a connecter!! So, I ran and ran and ran... asked and asked and asked.....
Finally, 20 minutes before my presentation, I found it..... The stuff of myresearch group had it... He forgot to give it to me and thought it was all right to tell me right before the presentation...

What a pity student I am.......

And then, my presentaion finished without any failure. I think this happening made me relaxed... You know, all's well that ends well!!

Well, next, I would like to tell you about Osaka foods!

make a presentation プレゼンする
draft  原稿
All's well that ends well 終わりよければ全てよし

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Got the job

I got an official job offer!! 

Strictly speaking, in Japan, there's a rule that companies haven't to give offers till October
so that I got a pre-job offer.

I am so satisfied with the condition of this company.
It is one of the top global manufacturer and wage is good.
But, to tell the truth, I am little bit worried.
The reason is that I will do unexpected job.

In the 1st interview, a personnel officer said I could do management of business.
And the last interview, the director asked me if I was interested in public information seaction or not.
I replied I was interested in all kind of business.

It is truth. I hope trying everything.

However, if I have to do some job which isn't related with my study in reality,
I don't know whether I can adjust myself or not.

Finding job is very difficult for life....

Well, anyway, I am still searchng my job.
It is good for experiencing society.

get an officiak job offer 内定をもらう
manufacturer メーカー
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