Got the job

I got an official job offer!! 

Strictly speaking, in Japan, there's a rule that companies haven't to give offers till October
so that I got a pre-job offer.

I am so satisfied with the condition of this company.
It is one of the top global manufacturer and wage is good.
But, to tell the truth, I am little bit worried.
The reason is that I will do unexpected job.

In the 1st interview, a personnel officer said I could do management of business.
And the last interview, the director asked me if I was interested in public information seaction or not.
I replied I was interested in all kind of business.

It is truth. I hope trying everything.

However, if I have to do some job which isn't related with my study in reality,
I don't know whether I can adjust myself or not.

Finding job is very difficult for life....

Well, anyway, I am still searchng my job.
It is good for experiencing society.

get an officiak job offer 内定をもらう
manufacturer メーカー
チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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