part time job

In this year, I will have no money to do anything!!
So, I have to earn money right now even though
I have been still searching job. I will become a student worker.

Soon after I knew my situation, I took the action so quickly
that I could find my job soon.

That is web tutor.
I will teach someone with using internet.
Is it interesting, isn't it??

I was fascinated by this system.
I think I can learn not only teaching but also web communication.

In the future, we will have much oppotunity to
have a comunication using web.
So, it is kind a practice for job.

Today, I heard the explanation of the job
and tomorrow I will learn how to use the computer.
I mean, I have to learn how to use web pen and many tools.
Also, I must understand webcam and microphone system.

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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