wisdom teeth

I removed my wisdom teeth at the lower left.
It was first time to pull out the wisdom teeth so that I was so worried about pain and swelling.

But, fortunately, my dentist, who was introduced by my orthodontist, was so good that I didn't feel any pain and fear on the time he pulled out my teeth.

Of course, I have to take a pain killer for a few days but it became better soon. And my swollen jaw recovered rapidly, too.

I need pulling my right wisdom teeth after several weeks and it seems to be more difficult than the left one. I hope I will recover soon again!

orthodontist 矯正の先生
pain killer 痛み止め



I always hear the news of NOVA, the biggest English conversation school in Japan.
This company had the problem which it couldn't pay salaries for company staff members and foreign teachers. And it suddenly closed all the schools so that many students can't go to the school. Most students pay much money before the lessons (they bought so-called tickets). In one of the news, some housewife (she and her two children go there) can't go back 2 million yen! How awful!

When I looked for the English conversation school, I went to NOVA for research because the cost is really low. But, fortunately, I decided to go other school, for I thought this school is best for studying English in more detail.

However, I realized there are so many good English learner in NOVA after writing my blog. Many blogger who practice English went to NOVA and all of them are so diligent and have high motivation. So, I feel resentment at the NOVA staffs and want them to find the solution. I strongly want them to give back student's money.