Long time no see, everyone!

I returned home! You know, I went to Hokkaido and that was fabulous!
I definitely say this is so wonderful that I won't be able to forget forever!
Because I would like to talk about it with many pictures, I wanna make special page on my web site! Please wait in hope!

By the way, I went to Kichijyoji today. There are many new stores! That is one of the most interesting points of this area. I would like to talk you one by one, but I wanna sleep.
I will tell you tomorrow! Good night!

in hope 期待して


excuse-my brother and me-

I would like to write a complement of yesterday's diary.

Yesterday, I wrote about my brother's annoying avtivity that is he sang songs at midnight. And it misinformed some readers.

At first, I would like to talk about the relationship between my brohter and me. When I talked about my brother, my friends are sometimes surprised what we have harmonious relation. For example, we buy birthday presents each other every year, we eat a meal out together, we ofthen confer together or go to karaoke. Compared with usual sister and brother, because I am 23 and he is 20 years, it is out of common. I mean that most of them like our ages does not often do such a thing. To be precise, my brother, my mother and I get along with each other (My mother always keep ours company).

One day, we three went to karaoke. To be surprise, though he is pride (he doesn't want to express his passion so many times), he sang a song soulfully! My mother and I realized he was so enjoy because he could sing songs freely in front of us though he hesitated to do in front of his friends. He is hang up how he have to sing like not to sing ballades when it warms up or not to sing too pleasantly because it seems he enjoy by his lone. However, with us, he doesn't need to care anymore. And he decided to come here with us again.

After this karaoke party, he rent some CDs and practices sometimes at midnight.

Yes, yesterday midnight, he ovbiously practice for next karaoke!! He seemed be very happy with doing that. How pretty boy he was!!

But, you know, singing at midnight is not good for others. He forgot that. How pretty, but how silly boy he is! I felt ,on the one hand, he was a troublesome man but on the other hand, he was pretty. If I was irritatied, I should say him to stop it. But in this reason, I didn't quarrel with him. And then I asked my mother to tell him about his behavior to reach a peaceful settlement.

Thus, I don't hate him. Now, do you understand our complicated relationship ;)???

excuse 弁解
complement 補足
annoying 迷惑な
misinform 誤解させる
confer 話し合う 協議する
out of common 珍しい
keep one's company 同行する
be hang up こだわる
ballade バラード
warm up 盛り上がる
by one's lone 一人だけ
troublesome man 迷惑な人


Midnight Singer

Recently, I can't sleep enough because of a singer who sings at midnight.

That is my little brother.

The day before yesterday, he started singing at 1:00 A.M. Unfrotunately, I got up until that time and just went to bed. At first, he just hummed so than I narrowly put up with it.

And then, he sang with lyrics. That was bad. I heard not only his melody but also his words though both our room's door were shut ! I clearly knew that he sang the Masaharu Hukuyama's. Furthermore, in the middle of song, he seemed to be more comfortable, for he imitated the singer and his voice became louder! Oh, it was too noisy!!!

To matters worse, his next song was "TRAIN-TRAIN," which the Blue Hearts sang! This song was too awful to sing at midnight because it is a hot number. In that time his voltage was maximum so that he sang it very loud voice. I was surprised why my parents didn't wake up.

Anyway, I wanted to ask him to stop it, but I couldn't. The reason is that my brother hated to be bring complaints especially by me. He is pride. He says it is good to say me any complainment but its inversion is very bad. So, I don't want to fight against him (if I had done, I couldn't sleep because of anger!) and decided to control myself.

Finally, at 2:00AM, he finished singing and I had a time to sleep.....

Next morning, I told my mother this story and she promised to ask him instead of me (She also thought it was better not I but she did it). She asked him and he said he was very sorry.
I hope he is amenable not only to my mother but also to me......

hum ハミングする
hot number ノリのいい音楽
bring a complaint とやかく言う
be pride プライドが高い
amenable to ~に素直な


The difference between emperor and king

I wonder why we say "TENNOH," who is the symbol in Japan, EMPEROR.
There are many address like king, but I think few people are called emperor.

I looked into it.

At first, I found the difference between emperor and other addresses.

That is

Emeperor or empress are more major than pope, and pope is more major than king or queen or sultan. So, in the difinition, emperor is very very high level person.It difined that emperor is the reader of country which govern not only his own country but also many other countries.

Second, I decided on inquiring why tennoh was settled to translate emperor in English. The reason is this.
In Meiji era, Japanese governers wanted to conquer a loads of Asian countries so that they might dicide their TENNOH was emperor in English.

So, in this difinition, absolutely TENNOH is a king but is called EMPEROR.
Hmm... history is interesting!

address 呼称
major 偉い
sultan イスラム国王


evil day for my right leg

This week seems the evil days for my right leg.

On Sunday, I went to shopping with my mother. When we rode an escalator and I was just behind my mother, because my mother came off very slowly, my right little toe hit against my mother's stiff heel!

It wounded me and I got bleeding. The amount of blood wasn't a little so I couldn't walk anymore and got back home by taxi.

Today, I had my experiment. When I brought some heavy things, I hit my little toe again! It was too sore!! I thought I was so exausted that I could not pay attention to my little toe.

But, it is not my caution. It is my bad luck, for the most horrible thing was happened!!

When I was preparing for my supper, suddenly, I felt itcy.
And the next moment which was faster than the moment I realize what was happened something ascended windingly my right leg!!!! It was very fast!!

I felt chill and visocerally shake my legs and screamed!!


And then I looked something as quick as thought.

You may be understand what this thing is.

It was

black beetle........ !!!!

I was sooooo shocked that I ran away from the kitchen and asked my father, who was surprised my voice and saw how things went, to get rid of it!

My father was laughing and did it.

It was horrible!!!! I cannot forget the tact that it was running up my leg!!!! Oh no!!

After this incident, my mother told me that there are much more blackbeetles in this year than other years because of hot climate and this humidity. Also, they like the smell of onion and my father recently loves to take homemaid onion juice and he doesn't throw onion on the floor away.

In this reason, those days' terrible things are not for my fault but my bad luck. I felt sicky now.

feel itchy かゆい
ascend 登る
windingly らせん状に
visocerally 直感的に
as quick as thought 素早く