Midnight Singer

Recently, I can't sleep enough because of a singer who sings at midnight.

That is my little brother.

The day before yesterday, he started singing at 1:00 A.M. Unfrotunately, I got up until that time and just went to bed. At first, he just hummed so than I narrowly put up with it.

And then, he sang with lyrics. That was bad. I heard not only his melody but also his words though both our room's door were shut ! I clearly knew that he sang the Masaharu Hukuyama's. Furthermore, in the middle of song, he seemed to be more comfortable, for he imitated the singer and his voice became louder! Oh, it was too noisy!!!

To matters worse, his next song was "TRAIN-TRAIN," which the Blue Hearts sang! This song was too awful to sing at midnight because it is a hot number. In that time his voltage was maximum so that he sang it very loud voice. I was surprised why my parents didn't wake up.

Anyway, I wanted to ask him to stop it, but I couldn't. The reason is that my brother hated to be bring complaints especially by me. He is pride. He says it is good to say me any complainment but its inversion is very bad. So, I don't want to fight against him (if I had done, I couldn't sleep because of anger!) and decided to control myself.

Finally, at 2:00AM, he finished singing and I had a time to sleep.....

Next morning, I told my mother this story and she promised to ask him instead of me (She also thought it was better not I but she did it). She asked him and he said he was very sorry.
I hope he is amenable not only to my mother but also to me......

hum ハミングする
hot number ノリのいい音楽
bring a complaint とやかく言う
be pride プライドが高い
amenable to ~に素直な

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