evil day for my right leg

This week seems the evil days for my right leg.

On Sunday, I went to shopping with my mother. When we rode an escalator and I was just behind my mother, because my mother came off very slowly, my right little toe hit against my mother's stiff heel!

It wounded me and I got bleeding. The amount of blood wasn't a little so I couldn't walk anymore and got back home by taxi.

Today, I had my experiment. When I brought some heavy things, I hit my little toe again! It was too sore!! I thought I was so exausted that I could not pay attention to my little toe.

But, it is not my caution. It is my bad luck, for the most horrible thing was happened!!

When I was preparing for my supper, suddenly, I felt itcy.
And the next moment which was faster than the moment I realize what was happened something ascended windingly my right leg!!!! It was very fast!!

I felt chill and visocerally shake my legs and screamed!!


And then I looked something as quick as thought.

You may be understand what this thing is.

It was

black beetle........ !!!!

I was sooooo shocked that I ran away from the kitchen and asked my father, who was surprised my voice and saw how things went, to get rid of it!

My father was laughing and did it.

It was horrible!!!! I cannot forget the tact that it was running up my leg!!!! Oh no!!

After this incident, my mother told me that there are much more blackbeetles in this year than other years because of hot climate and this humidity. Also, they like the smell of onion and my father recently loves to take homemaid onion juice and he doesn't throw onion on the floor away.

In this reason, those days' terrible things are not for my fault but my bad luck. I felt sicky now.

feel itchy かゆい
ascend 登る
windingly らせん状に
visocerally 直感的に
as quick as thought 素早く

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