excuse-my brother and me-

I would like to write a complement of yesterday's diary.

Yesterday, I wrote about my brother's annoying avtivity that is he sang songs at midnight. And it misinformed some readers.

At first, I would like to talk about the relationship between my brohter and me. When I talked about my brother, my friends are sometimes surprised what we have harmonious relation. For example, we buy birthday presents each other every year, we eat a meal out together, we ofthen confer together or go to karaoke. Compared with usual sister and brother, because I am 23 and he is 20 years, it is out of common. I mean that most of them like our ages does not often do such a thing. To be precise, my brother, my mother and I get along with each other (My mother always keep ours company).

One day, we three went to karaoke. To be surprise, though he is pride (he doesn't want to express his passion so many times), he sang a song soulfully! My mother and I realized he was so enjoy because he could sing songs freely in front of us though he hesitated to do in front of his friends. He is hang up how he have to sing like not to sing ballades when it warms up or not to sing too pleasantly because it seems he enjoy by his lone. However, with us, he doesn't need to care anymore. And he decided to come here with us again.

After this karaoke party, he rent some CDs and practices sometimes at midnight.

Yes, yesterday midnight, he ovbiously practice for next karaoke!! He seemed be very happy with doing that. How pretty boy he was!!

But, you know, singing at midnight is not good for others. He forgot that. How pretty, but how silly boy he is! I felt ,on the one hand, he was a troublesome man but on the other hand, he was pretty. If I was irritatied, I should say him to stop it. But in this reason, I didn't quarrel with him. And then I asked my mother to tell him about his behavior to reach a peaceful settlement.

Thus, I don't hate him. Now, do you understand our complicated relationship ;)???

excuse 弁解
complement 補足
annoying 迷惑な
misinform 誤解させる
confer 話し合う 協議する
out of common 珍しい
keep one's company 同行する
be hang up こだわる
ballade バラード
warm up 盛り上がる
by one's lone 一人だけ
troublesome man 迷惑な人

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