Please don't mess up the road

We sometimes felt bad because someone baits cat food on the road in front of our house. Many neighbours seem to suffer from it.

I love cat so that I sometimes give them food, but I don't like to bait on the public road because it mess up the road and many people who walk there felt bad. And I am worried that someone who dislike this action kill the cat...... or hearlthcare center officer kill them because they are worried about the cat-borne desease. I don't want such a future.....

So, our family took the action.

At first, my mother wrote on the paper "Please don't put cat food on the road!,"
and hang on the wall. Next day, we found next to the letter, "or I put poison next time" by pen. How horrible.... butI think my mother's comment is also so strong that someone got angry. And to matters worse, someone call the police station and said that there were horrible signage at the wall of my house. So, my parents had to explain it. The policeman just laughed at but said he couldn't do anything. And then, my mother created same poster and put it on the wall. But, next day, same graffiti was here.... and again and again.... My mother doesn't like do like that (she like animals so much!!) so she was very nervous now.

Now, I considered the best way to stop this horrible trouble. I think it is good poster which ask for understanding and says very politely. Anyway, I want to get along with people and cats.

bait 餌をまく



Yesterday, old friend of mine was coming my home.
She is a violinist and now goes to a graduate school of music.

The reason why she came here is that she had a concert in Tokyo.
It was the second time that I listened her play and the first listening was about 15 years ago so I really glad to listen her play.

Actually, I didn't understand how her play was great because I don't know much about classic nor any other music. But, I really enjoyed it!
I realized playing instruments has two meaning during her play ; 1) to achieve the level for the musician and 2) to make listeners be satisfied with their music. I thought it was difficult to do such a thing. But, she and her company did it. I want to be such a people who can concider about theirseves, and at that time, about the other people.

I also learned how wonderful going concert was. I want to go to the concert if I have a chance. And I wanna learn much more knowledge of classic for listening their play with much more understanding. Fortunately, my friend promised me that she would give me some CD of classic and jazz. So, I can learn one by one. And in the future, I will earn my money and go to concerts!!
I can't wait:)


typhoon 2

Well, I did it!

I went and drove in strong wind and rain! While I move from school building to the car (I think I move for about 15m), I was soaked to the bone. It was tough to close my umbrella. And I couldn't see the front sight when the teacher drove a car (fortunately, I could see it when I drove it).

Our car didn't fell down!

be soaked to the bone ずぶ濡れになる



The typhoon is coming. You know, typhoon has strong wind and rain and the front edge of it is the place which has the strongest wind. So, in this typhoon's case, it will reach late at night but we have to worry about it before reaching it.

As for me, I have the lesson of driving school at night. I intended to try night driving before I drive on the public road. But, now..... it may be a nightmare....

I drive a car but I can't drive straightly because the wind blow from right side of me. And I can't see anywhere because of strong wind. And to make matters worse, suddenly strong wind blew and my car fell down!!!

It perhaps......... go on.

front edge 先端


Driving school

I started to go to driving school. It is very fun!

Before driving a car, I think I don't use a car without any needs. But, once I drove a car, I thought it was fantastic that we could move such a big machine so easily.
After getting a driver's licence, I will go everywhere with my own small car. I am looking forward to buy it. It will be definitely pretty and it will be very comfortable place inside it.

Now, I can go around curve. And today, I learn turning to the right and left. I don't think I mastered it, but it is also fun. I hope I will get used to it soon.

go around curve カーブを曲がる
turn to the right and left 右折、左折する
get used to it それに慣れる


BBQ party

I went to a beer garden with my family.
At that place, we could eat meat, pork, lamb chop, vegetables and yakisoba as much as we like.
All people there seemed to be happy with eating outside.
Though we have to eat within 2 hours, we were full. We enjoy not only food but also nature and cool breeze.

In Japan, it is rare to eat outside, especially in Tokyo.
Because there are too small to have a BBQ party, we can't enjoy eating outside.
So, such a place are wonderful!!

It is located in the Shinjyuku Gaien so that we felt we were in the forest although we were in the big city! It is fantastic, isn't it?

Well, the price is about 4000 yen which isn't inexpensive, but if you are interested in it, how about going there and eating delicious foods?

I show you the information below.

lamb chop ラム肉