Yesterday, old friend of mine was coming my home.
She is a violinist and now goes to a graduate school of music.

The reason why she came here is that she had a concert in Tokyo.
It was the second time that I listened her play and the first listening was about 15 years ago so I really glad to listen her play.

Actually, I didn't understand how her play was great because I don't know much about classic nor any other music. But, I really enjoyed it!
I realized playing instruments has two meaning during her play ; 1) to achieve the level for the musician and 2) to make listeners be satisfied with their music. I thought it was difficult to do such a thing. But, she and her company did it. I want to be such a people who can concider about theirseves, and at that time, about the other people.

I also learned how wonderful going concert was. I want to go to the concert if I have a chance. And I wanna learn much more knowledge of classic for listening their play with much more understanding. Fortunately, my friend promised me that she would give me some CD of classic and jazz. So, I can learn one by one. And in the future, I will earn my money and go to concerts!!
I can't wait:)

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