Please don't mess up the road

We sometimes felt bad because someone baits cat food on the road in front of our house. Many neighbours seem to suffer from it.

I love cat so that I sometimes give them food, but I don't like to bait on the public road because it mess up the road and many people who walk there felt bad. And I am worried that someone who dislike this action kill the cat...... or hearlthcare center officer kill them because they are worried about the cat-borne desease. I don't want such a future.....

So, our family took the action.

At first, my mother wrote on the paper "Please don't put cat food on the road!,"
and hang on the wall. Next day, we found next to the letter, "or I put poison next time" by pen. How horrible.... butI think my mother's comment is also so strong that someone got angry. And to matters worse, someone call the police station and said that there were horrible signage at the wall of my house. So, my parents had to explain it. The policeman just laughed at but said he couldn't do anything. And then, my mother created same poster and put it on the wall. But, next day, same graffiti was here.... and again and again.... My mother doesn't like do like that (she like animals so much!!) so she was very nervous now.

Now, I considered the best way to stop this horrible trouble. I think it is good poster which ask for understanding and says very politely. Anyway, I want to get along with people and cats.

bait 餌をまく

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