BBQ party

I went to a beer garden with my family.
At that place, we could eat meat, pork, lamb chop, vegetables and yakisoba as much as we like.
All people there seemed to be happy with eating outside.
Though we have to eat within 2 hours, we were full. We enjoy not only food but also nature and cool breeze.

In Japan, it is rare to eat outside, especially in Tokyo.
Because there are too small to have a BBQ party, we can't enjoy eating outside.
So, such a place are wonderful!!

It is located in the Shinjyuku Gaien so that we felt we were in the forest although we were in the big city! It is fantastic, isn't it?

Well, the price is about 4000 yen which isn't inexpensive, but if you are interested in it, how about going there and eating delicious foods?

I show you the information below.

lamb chop ラム肉

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