Oh, I hadn't write this blog for a long time!
Actually, my own computer was broken and because I don't afford to buy a new one, what I can do is using the computer at the lab or Internet KISSAs (cafeteria).

By the way, yesterday, I went to the English conversation school and talked about OBON because it is OBON season now in Japan.

OBON is in the middle of August and we believe that spirits return their home in this season. So, many people return home to welcome their parents, grandparents or ancestors. It means it is also the season which all the family member are together.
But, it is not the correct mean of OBON. Do you know the correct one?

A students in our class told us about the origin of OBON.

At first, OBON is not the correct name. The correct one is URABONE. When I chenge URABONE into kanji by the computer, it is 盂蘭盆会. So, I think it is the correct name.

And then, he told us the original story.

Once upon a time, there were a man whose mother had already passed away. One day, he thought about his mother. He was worried about her because his mother might be in the hell and she struggled there. So, He asked Buddha how he should do. And Buddha replied he should gather many priests and pray for her. After that, he did so. And her mother could go to the heaven.

It is so different from today's mean of OBON that I was so surprised.

By the way, my British teacher said why the spirits come on horses or cows.
Do you know the reason??

Buddha ブッダ

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