Oosaka vol.4 ~KAIYUKAN~

The last day, I met with my old friend.
She and I have been friends since we were preschool students.

Now, she lives in Kyoto and study low.
At first, she wanted me to come Kyoto because she is professional of Kyoto.
But, unfortunately, my father was traveling Kyoto on that day and I didn't want to meet him because he is luck-pusher and I didn't imagine what he would do if we met.

After meeting, she took me to go to the OKONOMIYAKI restaurant.
She wanted me to eat delicious food in Osaka! I thanked her very much!
Okonomiyaki was very tasty. I think okonomiyaki in Tokyo is different from Osaka ones.
Oosaka's okonomiyaki has discipined texture and tastes more strongly than Tokyo one's.
Maybe in Tokyo, okonomiyaki is similar to monjayaki.

While we ate okonomiyaki, I gave a birthday present for her.
It was a mug. Because she entered graduate school this year, I think she needs some good cup for relaxing while studying in a small research room.
She said she wanted it, too. So, my plan was successful!!

After eating Okonomiyaki, we moved to KAIYUKAN which is one of the biggest aquarium in Japan. I love Kaiyukan because of its scale and a whale shark.

In the aquarium, I rent a PDA for my English practice. I sometimes explained what the PDA said to my friend. I learned a lot of biological, geological words and phenomena.

The water tank for whale shark was very very big so that it has a few chance to see her for short distance.
Furthermore, she seemed not to like to approach people.
So, at first, we gave up to see for short distance.
Our walk space was around many tanks and whale shark's tank was so large that we have many oppotunity that we can watch the tank.
And at last oppotunity of seeing her, we finally watch her very nearly!!
She seemed to change her mind suddenly!!
We were so lucky!
She was so big and very kind shark. Around her, there were so many fish.

After we were satisfied with the aquarium, I have to leave as soon as possible because of my train.
I wanted to stay with her more longer, but we said good-bye.
I hope she came Tokyo next time! I want to sightseeing plan for her!!

preschool 幼稚園
luck-pusher お調子者
discipined しっかりとした
texture 食感

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