Osaka vol.1 ~about my presentation~

I would like to write about the day I went to Osaka.

I went there for science conference.
This is the second time to attend that kind of conference for me, but I am little nervous, for it's the first time I made a presentation (in previous time, I did poster presentation). To matters worse, because I had been busy for job hunting, I hadn't finished my presentation yet when I reached Osaka!!

Solving this problem, I experinced which I hadn't had before.

That is "internet cafe."

You know, in Japan, the internet cafes have increased recent years. It is good for relaxing and staying. Some of them have a lot of comic books, free drink services, some free shower rooms and a nail salon. (In fact, I didn't use them except drink services) That was amazing!!

I could use microsoft powerpoint in the cafe so that I finally finish my presentation slide and make the draft. Iwas to do my presentation next day...

And the presentation day...

I had to borrow a PC for powerpoint from stuff of my research group. It was easy to get a PC so that I was so relieved. But..... My destiny didn't smile for me...

There wasn't connecter between a PC and projector!!!!

The time I was realized was almost an hours before my presentation!! I had to find a connecter!! So, I ran and ran and ran... asked and asked and asked.....
Finally, 20 minutes before my presentation, I found it..... The stuff of myresearch group had it... He forgot to give it to me and thought it was all right to tell me right before the presentation...

What a pity student I am.......

And then, my presentaion finished without any failure. I think this happening made me relaxed... You know, all's well that ends well!!

Well, next, I would like to tell you about Osaka foods!

make a presentation プレゼンする
draft  原稿
All's well that ends well 終わりよければ全てよし

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