good and bad

Recently, I had to decide which is so important.

That is my transfer!!
In strictly speaking, it's not the transfer but I need to decide the place I research.
This is because my teacher went to the other prefecture.
He was promoted and move to the different university.
So, the best choice for me is going the university with my teacher.

But, unfortunately, I have no money to go.
Because I have a little brother who go to a private university and study about rchitecture, we don't afford to use big money.

At first, I found my parttime job as soon as possible and think making a lot of money. I thought it was enough to live and research that sums my earining and parents' support.
However, I couldn't persuade my father into help me.
He said he can't give money because I couldn't say I definetly return a certain day (in the condition, we had to decide a new plan so that we couldn't say which day is good to return).

To tell the truth, I want to go.... But, I decided to think it positively!!
I don't need to make big money anymore and now I have a parttime job!!
Well, I will earn a lot of money and use for the last days of university and for the future (I mean it is when I live alone)!!

チアリーダーPlease cheer for me to finding job >;->
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