the fear of measles

About 10 days ago, some student in my university had measles.
We took the mail from a proffessor which alarm us about measles.
It said it is like a cold and if we had over 37.5 degree fever, we should go to see the doctor.

Yesterday, I had a fever. It wasn't high temperature and I thought it was because of headache.
But, some professors are natural worrier.
I mean there are big possibility that they blame me because I wasn't worried about the other students. (Many scientists are natural worriers, I think :P)

So, I went to the hospital today.
And the result was fine.
Plus, I got a rest (because, anyway, I had a fever.)!!
What a wonderful day!!!

measles はしか
natural worrier 心配性

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KIYO said...

People around me in my office have been coughing badly these days.

I think they should take a rest instead of working till late.

When I see them coughing, I feel like shouting, "Please don't give me your viruses."

kaimu said...


I see. They are so busy but have to think about the other people.
Didn't they use mask?
In these days, the function of mask is soooo good and we can use it so confortable!