Finding job

I went to the employment bureau in my university. This is first time to visit there.
In this time, my counselor was old boy in my university. At first, he said very strict things. He said my activity is too slow. Many master's cource students started acting in August. Of cource, I knew some of them did, but I realized I held it cheap. But,I think that anyway I have to advance. The coucelors willcheck my entry seats and also look our practice of job interview. I would like to utilize this system.

And also, I asked about what sight the recruiter think good. It was also good information. I coud decide what I do and I would like to act as soon as possible.

I knew finding job is tough but I want to enjoy it as much as I can.

employment bureau 就職課
hold ~ cheap ~を甘く見る
interview  面接
sight 格好

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