fathers' joke??

In last English conversation lesson, we talked about jokes. There are many jokes in English like "The horse became hoarses." and so on. It is called child's joke.

And in Japan, there are also same kind of jokes. Like "HUTON GA HUTTONDA." In this lesson, I realize the name of jokes are different thoguht they are ones of the same kind. I mean, you say this kind of jokes "OYAJI(fathers') GAG(joke)," not "KODOMO(child's) GAG." How strange it is!

And then I concidered why they are different. One of the reason might be that their calture are different. In Japan, you don't use so many jokes. In the one hand, if you use Japanese jokes, your family, friends, or colleagues should think you were stupid. And Japanese children don't want to use it beacause their parents don't laugh when they use fathers' gag. So, only person who use this kind of gag is fathers because, in old time, they have authority to force his family tp laugh and now fathers had to use it for keeping family's good atmosohere. On the other hand, if you use English jokes, they shouldn't think you were stupid not so much and everyone including children can use it more easier than in Japan, I think....

Well, I would like to thank all Japanse fathers. Thank you for your brave.

hoarse しわがれ声の、 のどを痛める
of the same kind 同種の

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