Pepper Dennis

This title is the name of TV show. The heroine was a newscaster who is entusiastic for her work and she just waited for the person whom she will fall in love, but not looked for him.

The first story was about the guy who came the heroine's office to be an anchor which she wanted to become. Also, he was the guy for her who spent the night together. At first, she wanted to forget the affiar but he didin't. So, they always had a quarrel. However, they admitted each other's work and their personality bit by bit.

Whereas, there was the story about her family. She had her little sister who had married but was sparated and stayed at the heroine's apartment. They had a quarrel with each other because they had different opinion about love. Also, the sisters and their mother, who always worry about the public image, had words over their marriage.

I think the main story is simple but it is very interesting, for it is so unique as well as other kind of American drama like Ally McBeal. Furthermore, it is not only the story of the heroine but also of many people involved with the news studio at which she worked. So, this show is also a human drama.

In this time, I only watched episode1 to 4 by chance. Now, I am interested in it so that I would like to watch it again!

be enthusiastic for ~に熱心な
spend the night together 一夜を共にする
have [get] a quarrel with ~と口喧嘩する
bit by bit 少しずつ
public image 世間体
have words over ~のことで口喧嘩する
Ally McBeal アリーmy love (アリーという弁護士が主人公のドラマです。多少コメディー要素有り)

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