Nodame Cantabile

The TV program, Nodame Cantabile, was started 2weeks ago.
Its orgin is popular comic in Japan and it is the story about the students in academy of music. The autor draws them with comical expressions. It is so many readers, especially workers, tend to start learning musical instruments that I heard YAMAHA ,one of the most famous musical shop in Japan, did a brisk business. Furthermore, it is so popular that certain company create a CD which the performers pretended the members of orchestra in the comic.

When I found one of my favorite cafe near my house, I realized that there were the comics. At that time, I only knew the name of the comic and that it was fun, so I tried to read it. And next moment, I became a fun!

So, in the morning of the day which the TV program was started , I said about Nodame Cantabile to my family. My brother had already known it (but just about how popular it was), however, my mother and father didn't know that. They seemed not to be intereted in it. Especially, my father seemed to say to me "How strange many Japanese adults are! Why do they read such a comics?" He tends not to admit expect the comics by Osamu Teduka, Hujio Hujiko, Mituteru Yokoyama like old comic authors. Also, my mother rarely reads comic books.

However, my notion wasn't right. After going back home, I found two comics that were volume1 and 2 of Nodame Cantabile. My mother bought them. Actually, she was intereted in it because of my talk. She had already read volume 1 and become a fun, too. Of cource, we enjoyed the TV! The casts alomost conform with characters and some CG and pieces suited for the atomosphere. We all laughed during the broadcast.

After finishing TV program, my father returened our home. He couldn't watch the TV program.


He bought tow comic books and bragged about that against me. They was volume 1 and 2 of Nodame Cantabile. He said he found a lot of comic books at YAMAHA lesson center( you know, he is learning a saxphone now and attends at YAMAHA lesson center now). He thought the comic was so great because YAMAHA, the most favorite musical shop for him now, sold it.
Oh, that mean my father didn't trust me though he trust just a store. Well, that was OK. It is good for him to live freely! >:-(

Well, it was a digression. So, I mean, my mother and father bought same comic books in a day! How simple my family was!! In the end, we all four were interested in Nodame cantabile! I felt anxiety of our simple mind........

By the way, yesterday, story 2 of the TV program was broadcasted. In this time, my father watched it with us. I asked him if he had gone home early because of the program or not. He said "Yes. I want to watch it." Additionally, before starting TV program, he was so angry because my mother was about to check the video. He said with angry voice "What are you doing!!" My mother and I strongly concidered he had to go his own room and watch his own big TV. My father is so childish......

cantabile カンタービレ
academy of music 音楽学校
do a brisk business 繁盛している
notion 考え、意見、意向
conform ぴったり合う
brag about ~を自慢する
digression 余談

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