Pretty bag

My family are so interested in Nodame now.
My father likes it so much because he learns saxphone now.
Thus, he bought the comics from YAMAHA. Furthermore, he bought a CD of Nodame which collected some arts related with Nodame story.

One day, I found a catalog our dinner table. It was catalog published by YAMAHA. I read it but there were not so many good products for me. Either my mother and father thought same.
However, suddenly I found myself shouting!

”It's NODAME!!”

It was a bag that was used in the drama "NODAME cantabile."
It is a bag decorated with clavier and a small porch also decorated with clavier. In the program, the heroine, Nodame, acted by Jyuri Ueno had same bag. I thought it was so pretty when I was watching it. I don't think the bag with same design doesn't exist, but it does. The reason may be that YAMAHA is the biggest music shop and it collaborates with the program.

Anyway, my mother and father were also surprised and excited. Because they were so amused, I said to my father that I wated it as a joke.

And then, my motehr said, "That's a good idea! It is charming. How about buying it?" And my father said, "Yeah, sounds great. I like it. Well, I will buy it for you."

I just said it as a joke. Wow, how wonderful it was! How wonderful Nodame was!!! But, I must stay on my guard, for my father is capricious and he breaks our promise so many times that I thought I may not be able to get it. I decided to wait it with patience.

And yesterday..............

I got it!!!!

He seemed to order it soon after our conversation. Because I had thought it was naturally that he broke our promise, I was so surprised that I couldn't understand what happened.

I was so happy!! Thank you, father! I would like to go to my university with this bag!!

find oneself doing 思わず~する
decorated with ~柄の
clavier 鍵盤
capricious 気まぐれ stay on one's guard 油断をしてはいけない
with patience 気長に

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