I bought a new pillow.
At first, I checked my height between my head and shoulder. The shopper said the best size for me was the pillow which has the lowest height because the size is only 2 cm.

And then, I checked the hardness. There were many kinds of pillows there. I looked for the best pillow in the point of view of cleaness and feelness.
The first point, cleaness, is very important to use for long years. If I can't wash it, it would be dirty and I had to throw it away soon.
And second point, feelness, is criterion in thinking about health. The pillow played the role of our health so that it is important how we feel with pillows.

Finally, I decided a new one. That is consists of many pipes which is pasted charcoal. It is soft but not too much and is considered for every body shape.

I like it and I would like to use it soon!!

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