thank-you present

When I was in Hokkaido this sommer, my cousins' ankle took us Asahiyama zoo and treat us Asahikawa noodle and "JINGISUKAN (broiled mutton)." Because he lives near my house, I wanted to have a thank-you party for him at my home. And yesterday, finally, I did it!

Before the party, my mother and I thought about the present. We wanted to express our thank-you feeling, but because he is swinging bachelor, a rich and free man, it was difficult.
We dicussed again and again and at last, I had an idea that tea bag set was great for him, for he went to many countries and tea bag is simple way to drink for people living alone.

After coming him, we waited for the opportunity that we gave him the tea bag set. However, before giving him, he said he gave me a present. To tell the truth, I hoped I gave him at first. But, I thought it was all right and I might give him later. And then I opened it with my mother.

And we found....

A set of rich tea.

Oh, my god! We prepared same kind of presents!!! Furthermore, his present for me was greater than ours!!!

I glimpsed my mother and pointed our prepared present.

She waggled her head. It meant we had not to present it him.....

Oh, how difficult a present is!!!!

broil 直火で焼く 網焼き
swinging bachelor 独身貴族
waggle one's head 首を振る

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