The pillow that I told you before is really cool!

The reason I am so impressed may be that I was used to very cheap pillow (my mother said it costed about 2000 yen!) bought at a super marcket. Anyway, it is great deference between new and old one.

It is so soft and fit my head that I am very very relaxed!! Before using it, I always move my head and body and I had found my head hadn't been on the pillow. Furthermore, I always had stiff neck. The shopper of pillows said it is because my old pillow doesn't fit my head. She also said a good pillow is which doesn't give us any room between shoulder and mattress when using it. That's my pillow!! I don't feel any stress anymore. Now, I understand pillows play the great role of human health.


There's serious problem. I haven't had such a critical question!!!!!

I can't get out of bed because my sleeping time is now too confortable!!!

stiff neck 肩こり
mattress (敷き)布団
play the role of 役割を担う

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