Charter Oath of Five Articles

Now, I have a light purse.

During the summer vacation for university students (I mean, you know, I am a graduate stundent and study scinece, who have to come school during this term), I didn't have any job. Because one of my job is a TA (teaching assistant) of experiment, I wasn't need while the experiments wasn't held. And the other job I have is tutor and I must have a job even during vacation under normal conditions. However, my student said she wanted to quit my lessons because of her schedule. So, I didn't have any job......

Though, of cource, now I have the job because summer season finished, I can't get money till end of month.....

So, I decided to cut off everythig I can do!

At first, I don't buy any clothes. It is enough to pass this autumn.

Second, I don't buy any cosmetic products! Actually, I run out face wash soap, face lotion and essence. But, I have some free gifts! So, I will use them untill getting money!

Third, I cut back the cost of bottled drinks. If I bought a drink in a 150 ml plastic bottle, I should pay about 140 yen. That means I have to pay about 1 yen per 1 ml! In contrast, if I bought a drink in a 2L plastic bottle, I might pay only about 200 yen! It means I may pay about 0.1 yen per 1ml! It's one tenth of usual cost!! (Because I am always in a laboratory, I have my own cup there.)

Fourth, I cut back the cost of lunch. I sometimes go to restaurant not in my university because I want to eat delicious food. But, now, I abolish it! I have to eat at cafeteria at my university or cup noodle. It costs 100 yen to 400 yen at one time.

Fifth, I try not to be lured by anything!!
Pacience brings me up a wonderful person!!!

These are my Charter Oath of Five Articles!!!

Charter Oath of Five Articles 五箇条のご誓文
have light purse 貧乏である
under normal conditions 本当ならば
run out 切らす
free gift 試供品
lure 誘惑する

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