A Chorus Line

Do you know the piece,"One"? This is the most famous one in the movie,A Chorus Line. If you
lived in Japan several years ago, you know it because it was used in the commercial message of MALTS beer, the product of Suntry.

When I was a baby, my mother always let me listen 80's American musics like the broadway musical. She said that I had danced with the music sang by Mahalia Jackson :-O Because of this, she had wanted me to listen other wonderful musics. The movie, A Chorus Line, is one of the kinds of them.

As soon as I watched the video tape, I like it! Of couce, I didn't understand the story becayse I couldn't read any Japanese and I couldn't understand most of Japanese words. However, I realized that the songs were so rhythmic and the dancers were so great that my body was naturally moved! And still now, this movie is one of the best movies for me.

A few years ago, I had a chance to go to USA. I thought this was the chance to get the CD of A Chorus Line. Actually, I looked into it in many many Japanese CD shops. But, I didn't find it except Japanese version. And finally, I found it, the broadway version. Though I wanted to get the movie version, I changed my mind because I thought the broadway version was original. In terms of results, it was terrific!

After going back home, because I was too busy for long time to listen it, I had forgot the existance of the CD and untill recently. Now, I listen it everyday every time. Actually, I am listening now! When I listen it, I foget all of hard things. How wonderful music is!!

rhythmic リズミカルな
in terms of results  結果的には
piece  曲、作品、小品
commercial message CM

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