Beatiful Japanese

Minister of Education and Science, Bunmei Ibuki, said obligation of English education in elementary school is no need. He thinks if you get beatiful Japanese skill, you couldn't learn any language.

As for me, one of English learners, I agree him. The reason is two; to protect our language and to learn foreign tongue.

At first, we have to protect right Japanese words. Recently, many people use wrong Japanese words and intonation.
For example, when I read the article of Prime Minister, Sinichiro Abe, it said he had said "OMOTTAKEDO (思ったけど、 "It means 'I think, but...' in English") ." It's wrong! You know, "OMOTTAKEREDO(思ったけれど )." This problem have created a sensation for a long long time. However, now, even the top leader of Japan use wrong one!!! I guess many young use wrong Japanese is the only game in town. But, I don't think it is good the rep of Japan can't use right Japanese! If the trend continues, there will be no one who can use right Japanese!!
There's the other example. Do you realize some of annoucers (even NHK announcers!) use wrong intonation or honorifics? Though I am not one of the best users of Japanese, I sometimes think the quality of annoucers goes off.

Furthermore, to learn right Japanese helps study other languages.When you were an elementary school student, you learn about grammar of your native language. You learned nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, honorific words and so on. These help you learn other language because some of them are same as every tongues. For example, if you didn't understand there are verbs (like you didn't care using "です" or "ます"), you may write English essay without it like "I once a high school student." in an unconcerned manner.
Or if you always ignore the order of word classes, you wouldn't understand how to use them. It is too late to realize it after starting to learn other languages.

For these reasons, I definitely think it is better to learn native language first than to learn half-baked native and foreign one all at once.

Phew! What a long earnest diary(?) it is! I realized that even I can write like this one! Ha-ha :-]

義務 obligation
文部科学大臣 Minister of Education and Science
外国語 foreign tongue
物議を醸す create a sensation
~の代表 rep of
仕方の無い the only game in town
質が落ちる go off
敬語 honorific
平気で in unconcerned manner
品詞 word class
中途半端な half-baked

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