The other day, I wanted to clean the product that I made. What I need is putting the products in a particular kind of holder and cleaning with warm organic solvant. So, I had to use a machine that made the solvant warm. I felt easy because it is not so much complicated machine. However, an accindent happened.

The second I moved the heater machine whose switch was on, I heard the sound splutter and saw flash! I mean, it gave off sparks! The edge of the outlet's cable was burnt off.

In a few second, I was so surprised that I could neither move or think. And then I realized I had to check around there for determining if things were fired up or not because there many piece of paper and many kinds. I imagined a newspaper which said "there was fire at 'my' university." How horrible it was!!! Fortunately, there was no fire.

And then, I was thinking how to say what happened to my teacher. thinkng and thinking and thinking.... And finally I said to him,

"I am so sorry but I seem to break the machie....."

I was honest, wasn't I?

At first, he didn't understand that and said "let me look." And after a glimpse, he said " it just shorted out." 

What!? Short!? 

And also he said "it formarly about to short. It's all right. I can fix it."

How terrible it was!! So, I was in dangerous room everyday !!? In this time, my hand was a little bit burned!!
I decided to take care of myself when I am inside the reseach room from now on.

particular kind of 特殊な
organc solvant 有機溶媒
the second you do ~した瞬間
splutter ぱちぱち言う音
give off sparks 火花が散る
burn off 焼ききる
determine if 確かめる
be fired up 燃える
short out ショートする
formarly もともと

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