The difficulty in the reseach group

In studying at university (you know, I study chemistrydepartment), I sometimes think it is difficult to communicate with some people.

Today, I met my senior in my ex reseach group. She is in trouble now with new members. They are so proud that they can't admit their fault. Thus, the system is so mess now. As for usual company, it is natural that anyone keep the roles in the company and if they don't obey the role, they have to be quited. It means that they aren't social man. This is only to be expected. But, my senior said the new member can't do this name of the game.

As in the university, there are some people who are like that. The reason is , I think, that they didn't need to prepare for become an social man and just onlu had done study. But, I don't think that isn't good. Of cource, there are great person who aren't social, but almost all scientist in the world are memebers of society. So, we agree that they are free and easy.

As for me, it is a big problem because I need to prepare for finding a job. I have to reconcider my common courtesy and the attitude toward the society.

You know, the Japanese proverb says,

be proud プライドが高い
mess めちゃくちゃ
social man member of society 社会人
this is only to be expected. 当たり前だ
the name of the game 当たり前の
free and easy だらしのない のんきな
common courtesy 礼儀

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