Rakugo is a style of Japanese perfome.
I think it is strange traditional style in the world because I don't know an entertainment which the performer just sits and acts as the characters and also the narrator except rakugo (I didn't serch in detail. If you know such kind of play in the world, tell me 耳 ).

In the live, a Rakugo-ka (a performer) sits on a zabuton (Japanese cussion) and tell us a story. It is so comical that all guests can't help laughing. On the one hand, rakugo is one of Japanese traditional play, so there are classic plays. I mean the storytellers have to memorize all of contents including the story, jestures and jokes. The perforOn the other hand, there are creative stories. In that case, the performers concider all contents.

Thus, in many cases, the rakugo performers are so smart.

Today, I watched the TV program about Shinosuke Tachikawa, who is a Rakugo-ka. He, at first, wanted to learn normal rakugo style. But, un fortunately, his master quit their association, he didn't have chance to practice and try rakugo performance. Because of such a enviroment, he created his original rakugo style. After watching it, I thought I would like to go and see his rakugo.

I think rakugo is wonderful play in Japan. I hope many people will realize rakugo is great. But, it is definitely difficult. Because one of the great points of rakugo is the rhythm of words. So, if you can't listen fast Japanese talking, you can't understand rakugo. Umm...

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KIYO said...

I've never gone see Rakugo. Is it helpful to learn Rakugo's rhythm?

If so, I should listen to Rakugo.

To improve my listening, I'll do anything.

kaimu said...

You mean, it help to study listening or not?
I think not. But, rakugo's rhythm is sophisticated. It's worth to listen.