I went to Kichijyoji with my friend today.
It was so wonderful time because Kichijyoji is always different for me.
Some restaurants change different ones. Or some old buildings was rebuild to beuatidul ones. So, when I go there, I feel like it is first time I come here.

Today, I went a lot of places. I went to two restaurants, which I had never been before, new T-shirts shop, organic cosmetic store, aroma shop, tea shop (but it was closed...), karaoke, book store and big hobby shop. I am tired but I enjoyed them. If I had afford to do it, I wanted to buy some cosmetic items and cloths, but I didn't have any time and power. I would like to do it tomorrow or someday.

Especially talking with my friend was the most precious time. She is one of my junior high school and high school classmates. She is university student and also studys chemistry. Thus, we have a lot of common topics. I felt old friends are special for me. I hope we keep relationship forever.


imagine-peace said...

リンクの件、ありがとうございます。当方ブログタイトルはお手数をおかけ致しますが、英語喫茶 ☆オーバー・ザ・スカイ ☆ [ Over the Sky : Bilingual Blog ]としていただければ幸いです。よろしくお願い致します。

kaimu said...

>imagine-peace さん

Hayato said...

One of my aunts, who lived in Musashi-sakai with my grandmother, took me and my brother to Inokashira Park when I was a child. We enjoyed rowing a boat on the pond there!

I don't remember how Kichijoji was at that time except that there were no modern buildings around the station. So I can't believe what you wrote here!

Now that I live in Ome, I rather go out to Tachikawa, which has also a lot of modern buildings. Have you been there?

I want a chance to go and see what you enjoyed in Kichijoji!

kaimu said...

Tachikawa is also great city. There're beatiful buildings and interesting shops.
You know, Kichijyoji was changed. In old days, it was a country. But now, it is the most popular city in Tokyo. Kichijyoji has many new shops and most of them are so unique. I recommend you to go there.

And, in this year, I would like to introduce Kichijyoji with maps and pictures in my HP. Please check it out!

imagine-peace said...

Thank you very much for your comment last night. Following is not a joke, OK ? Paul and Ringo sent their comments on my blog ! It's amazing but this is real. Paul MaCartney knows my URL, because we are friend since 2002. We exchange e-mail each other. But it is rare that he wrote something to personal web-page. Look it if you can believe in. This is true story.

kaimu said...

>imagine-peace san
I saw your blog and comments.
I can't believe it soon because, you know, as for me, the Beatles is like the music of god. I learnt their music in my junior high school and high school. Unbelievable!