Do you know Bitsuu, one of the acupressure points?

Pressing acupressure points, you are relieved from a stuffy nose.

Yesterday, I caught a cold again. Unfortunately, I had to take a job interview. I almost went down. And last night, I was about to die, for I couldn't bleeze because I had a stuffy nose and heavy cough. I didn't have time for breath.

So, I decided to find the way which release me from stuffy nose. (As for cough, I bought throat lozenge) And I found the Bitsuu. If you want to know the detail, see http://www.tubodojo.com/tubo/hana.htm

Now, I am more relaxed than before.

acupressure point ツボ
stuffy nose 鼻詰まり
throat lozenge のどあめ


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