The Da Vinci code

Recently, I didn't hace relax time so that I decided to see the movie and feel easy.
The title which I saw was "The Da Vinci code," a famous mystery movie.

I many people saw it. Did you watch it? How did you feel?
Most people didn't say it was a good movie. They said the original was better than the movie. They said it because some story wasn't same as the original. I see. I\

But, as for me, it is so interesting!! I mean that the movie is better than original!
The reason is that the story of the movie is consistent. When I read the book, I sometimes thought it was strange. For example, in the bank, the hero was a great code-breaker but he didn't realize very simple trick which was about ten digit passward. He always concidered many characters, figure, words, and histry so that he must remember the number he knew at night. In the one hand, in the books, it was too much time to solve it. On the other hand, in the movie, the hero realized it very quickly. Hmm, it was more natural.

Also, the background of characters were more explicable. For instance, in the book, the captain wasn't connected with that intrigue. But, he chaced the hero with persistence. So, we didn't understand his feeling.
In the movie, the captain was related with the organization which planed the intrigue. Of cource, he didn't know the plan. The big man of the organization told him that the hero was murderer. And then, he thought the hero was dominent crime suspect. So, you can understand what he was thinking.

I think reality is one of the most important points of movie. If the original has some contradiction, it is great to change the contents a little bit.

In most cases, the movies are worser than the original because the movie makers need to cut back the story to finish it within two or three hours. So, I think the Da Vinci code is rare good movie.

consistent 矛盾しない
explicable 説明可能な

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