Kakeibo DS 2

Today, I went to the videogame shop to buy Kakeibo DS as I said yesterday.

First, I went to the previously owned videogame shop and I didn't find it... It seems to be popular.

Second, I went to the famous rental video shop, Tsutaya. And I found it!
It costs about 3500 yen. I think it's not inexpensive, but it's good for me, living on my own at first time, to practice how to check my account.

However, I realized I didin't have a card, which gave me some points when I buy something!! It's very important to save my points, especially for the poor student.


I will buy it tomorrow!!


KIYO said...

In my family, I've been keeping accounts for about a year.
I use free software "うきうき家計簿" which I downloaded from mado-no-mori.
The person who manages the family budget is my wife, though.

kaimu said...


Yeah, keeping account is very important! And your wife is great!

As for me, I am still looking for the software because I want to buy it cheaply.