Do you know monja-yaki?

I went to Tsukishima where it is famous for monja. The monja restaurants seem to be 90% of all of shops and reataurants there. Many tourist come there to eat monja-yaki.

Monja-yaki is Japanese pan fried flour with various ingredients. It's popular in Kanto region in Japan. Okonomi-yaki and tako-yaki were created from it. (I didn't know monja is the original of these two famous Japanese food!) You use strange spatula when eating. It is good to eat because monja includes much water with flour so that this spatula helps us to scoop up soft crust(?).

Many people look it at first time says it is gross because of its looking. But, soon after eating it, they change their mind because of its taste. One of them was my mother. She said Okonomiyaki was better than monja because monja was sticky. But after eating it, she said she loved it very much and it was so delicious. So, if you have tried it and you think it's gross, I reccommend you to try it! You must think it is so tasty food!

And one of the most interesting of monja-yaki is how to cook it. It is difficult for me to explain about it. So look at this page!

scoop up すくう


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kaimu said...

Thank you for introducing your HP.
I would like to try it!