Group Disscussion

I took group discussion lesson for job hunting.
I don't know I need this practice but I have to prepare for all stuation.
How difficult job hunting is!!! ショック

At first, I watched the first discussion group (there are two group of them and I joined latter group). The members were so nurvous because they didn't have any preparation time. If I tried group discussion without preparation, I should felt same as them. 落ち込む

And second, our turn, we tried intresting question that was "which is the best for Japanese president in 2099?" The candidates are social studies teacher, the boss of party, young female president of new global company, astroboy and so on.

Is it interesting topic, isn't it? Why 2099? Why Astroboy? はぁ?

Anyway, we discussed very earnestly. Because it is the first time discussion for all members but we could manage to summrise our opinion. And then the watcer explaned what was good or bad of each members. As for me, he said I had a unique idea and could image the whole prot of discussion but I need to open my mouth more actively. He was right. I couldn't find timing to say something. It is difficult... うーん…

And do you want to know our answer??

Our answer is Astroboy ロボット !

He can do anything! He is perfect!! I haven't known he is so smart robot till the discussion!!

open one's mouth 発言する
actively 積極的に


KIYO said...

In my opinion, "perfect" is not always the most important thing for being the president.
"perfect" man or robot must not imagine what ordinary people think and how they feel. No one is infallible.

Besides, I don't want the robot to represent human beings even if he is smart and friendly. It sounds terriblly scaring. If he gets control of anything, he would take over our happy life.

mu said...
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kaimu said...


I agree your opinion.

As for Astro boy, he is sometimes in trouble because of his too strong sense of justice. To strictly speaking, he is not perfect so that everyone seems to like him.