catch a cold

I canght a cold.

I realized my condition had not been good about a week before but I could put up with it. I had to do many things so that I had no time to take a rest.

I felt too bad yesterday, however I had to attend a seminar in my reseach group and job seminar in my university and study. Studying was the most heavier in three because it was like household duties without sitting.

When I was taliking to my teacher, I couldn't reply because I felt like I was going to throw up. My throat was dry up and I couldn't stop cough.

And today, I finally gave up. I absent all the duty I have to do today. I think it is better for me.

Of cource, I went to the hospital and the doctor gave me a lot of medicine. Now, I feel not so bad. So, I face my computer screen and send an e-mail to the person who found my message ( about finding penpals) and sent me the reply. I hope to work out fine!!

work out fine うまくいくといいな

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